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Elenos ET10000

10kW FM Transmitter

The Elenos ET10000 transmitter offers the most complete access to transmitter operating data, protection, operation and the ability to operate under severe environmental conditions.


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Elenos ET10000

The Elenos ET10000 Eco-saving technology, LCD graphic interface, power adjustable from 0 to 10000 watt, build-in stereo coder, TC/TS board for remote controls and interlock. Includes the profile board to be used for 1+1 or N+1 systems.

AES/EBU digital inputs (optional), 220/380 volt triple switching power supply system with PFC, telemetry and SMS capability are available Easy Modem (optional) or Echos 3 (optional).

Webserver and SNMP controls with external eBox (optional). 4 U rack.

This technology reduces Mosfet and heat-sink temperatures, improves efficiency and grants higher MTBF. The result is unmatched size, consumption, and reliability.

ALWAYS ON AIR (Fully redundant)
The redundancy of this transmitter prevents SINGLE-POINT-FAILURES” thanks to a “SOFT FAILURE DESIGN”, and a protection system which keeps it “ON AIR” even in the most extreme working conditions.

IPC (Intelligent Power Control)
Another exclusive Elenos application. IPC maintains constant the output power within 2% of the setting value, regardless of fluctuations in incoming AC line voltage, RF drive or load conditions.

IPF (Intelligent Proportional Foldback)
IPF is an intelligent system that allows the transmitter to stay “”ON AIR”” into mismatched loads.

The transmitter keeps optimum performances of power and efficiency over the all broadband operation without needing of tuning. Useful as main transmitter or as reserve in “”N+1″” applications.

The Voltage Power Amplifier and the Bias voltage are both controlled to obtain maximum efficiency at any frequency and at any output rated power.

In Elenos transmitters, the IPA (Intermediate Power Amplifier) is avoided. This choice eliminates one of the bottlenecks in redundancy frequently present on transmitters of this category.

All parts, RF modules, electronic control boards, blowers, power supplies etc. are easy to replace.

All alarms and events can be sent by SMS through a GSM modem. The industrial standard Hostlink protocol allows to safety handle huge quantity of information to perform remote deep diagnosis.