Elenos Echos 3

Telemetry 3G/4G modem

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The Elenos Echos 3 is a versatile remote control unit designed to enhance the monitoring and control capabilities of ELENOS transmitters and environmental sensors. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Remote Control Unit: Echos 3 serves as a remote control unit, enabling connectivity with ELENOS transmitters and environmental sensors for remote monitoring and control by operators.
  2. Telemetry System: Echos 3 Telemetry by Elenos allows for remote command and control, enabling monitoring of up to 8 analog and 8 digital signals using relay contacts.
  3. Programmable Inputs and Outputs: Inputs and outputs are easily programmable via PC connection, allowing users to set management protocols and configure desired parameters.
  4. Parameter Monitoring: Operators can access main operating parameters of the transmitter and monitor details such as voltage, current, temperature, power, and efficiency.
  5. Hyperterminal Compatibility: Users can analyze data and send commands via Hyperterminal, facilitating detailed monitoring and control functions.
  6. Analog and Digital Input Analysis: Echos 3 enables monitoring and analysis of both analog and digital inputs from transmitters or other sensors at the station site.
  7. SMS Functionality: Capable of sending and receiving SMS messages, allowing for remote analysis of transmitter data and providing control capabilities. It can also send SMS alerts in case of power failure.
  8. Broad Spectrum of Data Analysis: Offers a wide range of data analysis capabilities in “transparent” mode, providing operators with comprehensive insights.
  9. Easy Installation and Setup: Echos 3 features easy installation and setup processes, ensuring quick deployment and seamless integration into existing systems.
  10. TERM Application Software: Includes “TERM” application software for immediate usage, enhancing user experience and functionality.
  11. GSM/GPRS Modem: Equipped with GSM/GPRS modem for efficient communication and data transfer.

Overall, the Elenos Echos 3 provides broadcasters with a powerful tool for remote monitoring and control, offering flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive data analysis capabilities.