DREAM Transmitters TX1000

1kw AM Transmitter

The DREAM Transmitters TX1000 compact 1kW medium frequency transmitter from DREAM Transmitters offers high-efficiency Class-D power amplifiers with PWM, switching power supplies and DRM and remote control options all in a compact 3U chassis and at a great price point.

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DREAM Transmitters TX1000

Great Things Really Do Come In Small Packages

The DREAM Transmitters TX1000 1kW AM transmitter provides excellent functionality and flexibility for the broadcaster. The advanced PDM modulation correction and automatically adjusted power supply operation voltages yield low distortion figures from 10 watts to 1100 watts. Direct digital synthesis technology ensures a pure and stable RF carrier frequency that can be interfaced with a GPS reference.

The transmitter features a simple bandpass RF filter network and a frequency synthesizer with internal dial-up frequency selection, allowing quick tuning (within its operating band) to a new carrier frequency. With its compact size and ease of frequency change, the DREAM TX1000 is an ideal solution for fixed station use, mobile backup or rapid-deployment transmitter.