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On-Air studio warning light

This D&R ON-AIR LIGHT has no lamp inside any more, just everlasting high intensity red LEDs.

Original price was: $187.Current price is: $176.

SKU: 100330


The D&R ON-AIR Light is an essential addition to any studio, providing clear indication when your broadcast is live. With its bright red LEDs powered by a 12V adapter, this light ensures that everyone knows when you’re on-air. Unlike traditional light bulbs, the LED design offers longevity and reliability. Connecting the ON-AIR light to your mixer is simple and straightforward, requiring only a stereo MIC-ON connection.

Key features of the D&R ON-AIR Light include:

  • LED Signal Lighting: Bright red LEDs provide clear indication of on-air status.
  • 12V Power Supply: Powered by a 12V adapter, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with D&R mixers such as AIRMATE-USB, AIRENCE-USB, AIRLAB, and AXUM, as well as with models from other brands.
  • Standalone or Mixer Integration: Can be operated as a standalone unit or linked directly to compatible D&R mixers.
  • Cable and Mounting Holes: Features cable entry holes and key slot holes on the back for easy installation.
  • Dimensions: Width 260mm, Height 125mm, Depth 65mm.
  • Easy Installation: No complex AC serial power supply setup required; simply connect to the stereo MIC-ON connector.


  • PIN Connection:
    • Pin-1: +12 volt DC (200mA)
    • Pin-2: -12 volt DC (200mA)
    • Pin-3: Control
    • Pin-4: Control
  • Power Supply: 12 Volt / 450 mAh
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 125mm x 65mm

The D&R ON-AIR Light provides a clear and visible indication of your broadcasting status, ensuring smooth operations in the studio. Whether used as a standalone unit or integrated with your mixer, this light is an indispensable tool for any broadcaster.