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The D&R AXUM VERSION 3.0 is a modular, completely preprogrammed platform that can grow with you and your organization any time, any moment.



AXUM digital studio platform

   endless possibilities,
in a digital environment


The AXUM VERSION 3.0 is a modular completely preprogrammed platform that can grow with you and your organization any time, any moment.

I/O cards can be shared between systems, and a Broadcast station that has decided to use the AXUM as their main and support mixers can be sure to have invested in a future-proof product. The AXUM can be used for small local 4 fader desktop use as well as large scale (128 faders max) production work and every configuration in between.

Imagine a console where you can decide yourself what a switch/encoder or fader will do for you. Not possible?

With the AXUM this is possible and, you can do that yourself by selecting a function out of hundreds of functions simply selectable from a database in your AXUM browser.

Two control surfaces (with their own CRM sections) in different studios sharing the same I/O rack is also no problem for the AXUM platform.


  • 4 to 128 motorized Alps faders
  • Faders for channel, buss, master faders
  • Scalable On-Air/Production Console
  • Separate Control surfaces and I/O racks connected via LAN
  • Internal website for console setup
  • I/O matrix of 1280 × 1280
  • 16 stereo summing buses (Prog, Sub, Cue, Comm, 12x Aux)  plus 4 stereo monitoring buses,
  • 16 Talk back buses
  • 4 stereo monitor buses per DSP
  • Inputs can directly be assigned to the outputs
  • 128 Stereo DSP channels
  • Digital gain control
  • 6-band comprehensive EQ
  • Enhanced Voice Processing built-in
  • Presets for Processing, Modules and settings
  • Direct outputs available
  • Converters are 24bit / 96kHz
  • Assignable channel meters
  • Pop-up Equalizer on screen per channel
  • On-Air / Phone signalling on screen
  • Phase meters for modules, buses, and monitor
  • High precision Broadcast Clock
  • Redundant power supplies optional
  • Remote Control Surface application
  • Dante card available





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