Digigram VX442e

Multichannel PCM Sound Card

The Digigram VX442e multichannel sound card designed for demanding applications in broadcast such as automated recording and play-out

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Digigram VX442e

Key Workflow: Linear PCM multichannel stereo sound card for professional audio workstations

VX442e is a professional linear (PCM) multichannel sound card based on the PCI Express bus interface. It is designed for use in any professional system running under Windows or Linux. It is a reference card in radio broadcast automation for applications such as automated recording and play-out and multichannel production.

At a glance

VX442e features  four input and output channels and offers balanced analog and AES/EBU connectivity, with the possibility to synchronize on an external clock (AES11, Word clock, black burst video).  It can be used under Windows or Linux operating systems, with software applications based on standard driver interfaces such as WDM Kernel streaming, DirectSound,  Wasapi, and ASIO for Windows, and Alsa for Linux.

  • Developed for the broadcast industry
  • Supports balanced analog and AES/EBU audio
  • Interoperable with most third party software applications for audio production, under Windows and Linux