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Digigram PYKO-IN

Stereo IP Audio encoder

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Original price was: €580.Current price is: €550.
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Digigram PYKO-IN Stereo IP Audio Encoder:

Key Workflow: PYKO-in serves as an audio over IP encoder designed for a range of applications, including studio to transmitter links (STL), WEB radio, paging, background music, live announcements, and intercom.

PYKO-in is a stereo IP audio encoder that can be utilized in two modes, providing flexibility for different applications. In one mode, it converts analog audio sources into an IP audio stream, ideal for applications such as STL, WEB radio encoding, background music, and paging. When combined with PYKO-out, it creates a cost-effective solution for establishing IP audio links. In another mode, it functions as a mono encoder/decoder, particularly suitable for intercom over IP.

At a Glance: PYKO-in is a small form factor, rack-mountable stereo IP audio encoder, or mono IP audio codec, depending on the configuration. When used as a stereo encoder, it features two balanced analog mono inputs. When configured as a mono codec, it includes one balanced analog mono input and one mono balanced mono output. Additionally, one of the inputs provides a microphone preamp with phantom power, useful for intercom applications.

Key Features:

  • Stereo IP Audio Encoder or Mono Encoder/Decoder:
    • Flexible configuration to serve as a stereo encoder or a mono codec with mic preamp.
  • Balanced Analog Inputs and Outputs:
    • Two balanced analog inputs for stereo encoding; one balanced analog input and output for mono codec configuration.
  • Microphone Preamp with Phantom Power:
    • Includes a microphone preamp with 12V phantom power on one input, selectable from the front panel.
  • Audio Formats:
    • Supports G711, PCM, and MPEG L3 audio formats.
  • RTP Streaming and WEB Radio Encoding:
    • Generates standard RTP streams and supports WEB radio encoding in Icecast/Shoutcast, MPEG L3 format.
  • Auxiliary Data Tunnelling:
    • Allows for auxiliary data tunnelling, supporting serial data and 4 GPIOs.
  • Flexible Streaming Options:
    • Supports unicast, multicast, multi-unicast, and multi-multicast (up to six destinations).
  • Control and Monitoring:
    • Configuration and monitoring through WEB pages or ASCII commands via TCP.
  • GPIs for Stream Control:
    • Possibility to start/stop the stream via GPIs.
  • Front Panel Headphones Output:
    • Front panel headphones mini-jack for local monitoring.
  • External Power Supply:
    • Powered by an external power supply.

PYKO-in stands out as a versatile solution, offering a range of features for different audio over IP applications with ease of configuration and control.