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Digigram ALP442e

Multichannel Low profile PCIe Sound Card


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Original price was: €1,315.Current price is: €1,250.
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The Digigram ALP442e is a highly versatile multichannel PCIe sound card designed for professional PC-based audio systems operating in Windows and Linux environments. It represents the pinnacle of Digigram’s renowned features, integrating them into the new ALP-X range, promising enhanced performance, reliability, and user convenience.

Key Features:

  1. Outstanding Audio Quality and Performance: The ALP442e delivers exceptional audio quality and performance, meeting the rigorous demands of professional audio applications.
  2. Versatility: This sound card is suitable for a wide range of applications, from broadcast to industrial and military sectors, thanks to its reliability, stability, and compact low-profile design.
  3. Flexibility in Inputs and Outputs: It offers four balanced analog line inputs, two stereo AES3 inputs, four balanced analog outputs, and two AES3 outputs, along with 8 GPIs (General Purpose Inputs) and 8 GPOs (General Purpose Outputs).
  4. Zero Latency Mixer: The onboard mixer features 16 I/O channels (4 analogs, 4 AES3, 8 software play/record), enabling individual mixing for each of the 16 output channels.
  5. Compatibility and Control: Compatible with Windows 10 and Server 2016 onwards for Windows, and 64-bit Kernel 4.19 onwards for Linux. Control is facilitated through Digigram ALP-X ASIO Settings and ALP-X Manager on Windows.


  • Format: Low profile form factor with dimensions of L: 168 mm x H: 69 mm x l: 20 mm.
  • Expansion Bus: PCI Express (PCIe) x1, compatible with various PCIe slots.
  • Drivers: Supports ASIO, Wasapi/DirectSound for Windows, and Alsa for Linux. One Driver Package with multi-application and multi-card API.
  • Control Panel: ALP-X ASIO Settings and ALP-X Manager for managing up to 8 ALP-X cards.
  • Hardware Specifications: Includes analog and digital inputs/outputs, AES11 synchronization input, Word Clock synchronization input, and GPIs/GPOs.
  • Analog Audio Performances: Features impressive specifications such as high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), low THD + Noise, low Crosstalk, and minimal Channel phase distortion.
  • Sample Format: Supports PCM (8, 16, 24, 32 bits) and Float IEEE754.
  • Cable & Connectors: Breakout cables provided for analog and digital I/Os, along with connectors for synchronization and GPIOs.
  • Synchronization Sources: Supports various synchronization sources including Internal clock, AES11, Word Clock input, and Intercard clock for synchronizing up to 8 ALP-X cards.

Overall, the Digigram ALP442e combines exceptional audio quality, flexibility, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for demanding professional audio environments across different industries.