Digigram alp222e mIc sound card
Digigram ALP222e-MIC Original price was: €730.Current price is: €695.
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Digigram ALP222e

Stereo Sound Card

The Digigram ALP222e istereo sound card designed for operating in continuous 24/7/365 use-environments, as part of professional audio applications based on Windows or Linux operating systems.

Original price was: €540.Current price is: €515.

SKU: 108711
Original price was: €540.Current price is: €515.
Original price was: €730.Current price is: €695.
Original price was: €85.Current price is: €80.


The Digigram ALP222e is a highly regarded low-profile PCIe stereo sound card, engineered for continuous operation in professional audio environments on Windows or Linux systems. It maintains the esteemed features of Digigram’s previous offerings, while integrating new technology to enhance performance and simplify user workflows within the ALP-X range.

Key Features:

  1. Outstanding Audio Quality and Performance: The ALP222e ensures top-notch audio quality and performance, meeting the demands of professional audio applications.
  2. Flexible Application: It can be used for regular applications or customized designs with the assistance of Digigram control API, catering to diverse user requirements.
  3. Reliability: With a rock-solid design and life-long reliability, users can expect uninterrupted performance even in demanding 24/7/365 environments.
  4. Compatibility: The card fits seamlessly into various types of PCs, workstations, or servers equipped with a PCIe slot, ensuring broad compatibility.
  5. Evolutionary Drivers: The drivers evolve along with Windows and Linux updates, ensuring ongoing compatibility and support.


  • Format: Low profile form factor with dimensions of L: 168 mm x H: 69 mm x l: 20 mm, suitable for standard and low profile brackets included.
  • Expansion Bus: PCI Express (PCIe) x1, compatible with x2, x4, x8, and x16 slots.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 and Server 2016 onwards for Windows, 64-bit Kernel 4.19 onwards for Linux.
  • Drivers: ASIO, Wasapi/DirectSound for Windows; Alsa for Linux. Multi-application and multi-card API available.
  • Main Functions: Zero latency FPGA-based mixer, input/output level adjustment, clock and sync selection, GPIO status control.
  • Hardware Specifications: Analog and digital inputs/outputs, including balanced line inputs, AES3 inputs/outputs, headphone output, relay GPOs, and more.
  • Sample Format: Supports PCM (8, 16, 24, 32 bits) and Float IEEE754.
  • Cable & Connectors: Breakout cable with XLRs, BNC, DB9, and 3.5mm TRS connectors for audio I/Os, synchronization, and GPIO.
  • Synchronization Sources: Internal clock, AES11, Word Clock input, Intercard clock (up to 8 ALP-X cards can be synchronized).

Additional Features:

  • ASIO Settings: Up to 8 ALP-X cards can be controlled via the ASIO Control Panel for intercard synchronization and I/O selection.
  • ALP-X Manager: A centralized control panel for managing up to 8 ALP-X cards with two working modes: Light (2 I/O channels) and Full (4 I/O channels).

Overall, the Digigram ALP222e combines proven reliability with advanced technology to deliver exceptional audio performance and versatility for professional applications.