DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer

Mobile FM Radio Analyzer

The DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer is a multifunctional, easy to use tool, designed to evaluate FM broadcast band congestion.

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The DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer is a versatile, easy-to-use tool designed for FM broadcast band analysis. This mobile FM Radio Analyzer offers a multifunctional approach, providing a comprehensive solution to evaluate and store essential radio broadcast parameters in a Logfile. It serves as a stand-alone survey solution, eliminating the need for additional tools. Capable of observing up to 50 preselected channels, it is a go-to choice for field surveys.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Analytical Solution:
    • Measures and stores critical radio broadcast parameters in a Logfile for comprehensive analysis.
  2. Stand-Alone Survey Tool:
    • Does not require additional tools; ideal for field surveys without complex setups.
  3. KMZ File Conversion:
    • Free-of-charge Windows software to convert log files into KMZ format for data visualization in Google Earth, offering a comprehensive field overview.
  4. Broadcast Equipment Setup and Analysis:
    • Functions as an excellent tool for analyzing and configuring broadcast equipment on-site, measuring RF level, MPX deviation, audio levels, RDS, and Pilot injection.
  5. LCD Display:
    • Provides clear measurements on a large LCD screen, simplifying data interpretation.
  6. Versatile Data Representation:
    • Connects to a Windows PC via a USB port, offering a range of data representations like bar graphs, data plots, and histograms for in-depth analysis.
  7. Real-Time Visualization:
    • Offers a superfast band scan mode for live visualization of the FM band with high resolution.
  8. User Interface:
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with 5 buttons and an LCD screen for easy device or campaign settings.
  9. Data Logger/GPS Receiver:
    • Includes a high-quality FM front end, MPX signal, and RDS parameters data logger, and a sensitive GPS receiver in a durable steel box.
    • Provides various inputs and outputs for FM, GPS antennas, power supply, and audio monitoring.

The DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer is a comprehensive mobile solution that caters to the needs of broadcast engineers and field analysts, offering a wide array of analytical tools and an intuitive interface. With its multifunctional capabilities, ease of use, and extensive features, it’s a valuable resource for analyzing, tuning, and monitoring FM broadcast equipment in various field settings.