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DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11

Mobile FM Radio Analyzer

The DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11 is a full-featured device designed to cater for all market requirements.

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DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11 – Mobile FM Radio Analyser

Mobile FM Radio Analyser

Though, the DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11 is a full-featured device designed to cater to all market requirements. This easy-for-use mobile tool evaluates the FM broadcast band congestion.

Then, it stores all important radio broadcast parameters in a Logfile. The built-in FTP system allows downloading. It manages files through DEVA Device Manager Software. The fully DSP-based FM radio frontend tuner utilizes the latest technologies in the DSP processing of the FM signal.

The Dual DSP-based, compact, and affordable DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11 is a product of highly valued performance. This device is the perfect solution for field surveys. It is also excellent for on-site monitoring of the station’s complete signal. With just a click on the button, Radio Explorer turns into a great tool for analysing signal strength.

You can also use it to determine quality after repairs or the set-up of new equipment. This cost-effective device can measure RF level, MPX deviation, Audio levels, RF field strength, RDS, and Pilot injection levels. Visualize all measurements on an easy-to-read OLED Graphical display.

Signal Surveillance

This is exceptional for signal surveillance on the field where the listeners are. All you need are a vehicle and DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11. There are two campaign modes:

  1. You can set DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer 11 to measure automatically one or multiple preselected frequencies (Up to 50);
  2. RDS PI / RBDS Call campaign – you can choose up to 10 stations. Radio Explorer II does automatically detect the used frequency. While the campaign is running, it monitors the chosen stations; Radio Explorer II automatically switches between the variable frequencies during movement – just as the car radio of your listeners.

KMZ Data Format

When the campaign is over, using the supplied free-of-charge Windows software, you can convert the log files into KMZ format and visualize them on Google Earth. Such functionality is irreplaceable when you require current information on the FM broadcast band congestion and coverage. In addition, you can export the login file and save it as a transitional format for future analysis.

The band scan mode guarantees real-time live visualization of either the FM band or a particular predefined part of it with down to 10 kHz resolution. Radio Explorer II can be controlled through:

  1. The built-in Web server – a standard web browser, can be used to monitor its status or to make some adjustments. iOS and Android devices are also supported. The Main Screen of the WEB Interface shows all mandatory parameters represented as LED bar graph readings;
  2. In addition, the supplied free-of-charge DEVA Device Manager Software – the easy-to-use interface allows quick and easy connection to the device. The dedicated module ensures the managing of all the device’s logs and displays respectively all the events in a handy manner;
  3. The very intuitive user interface with OLED screen, front panel navigational, and soft buttons ensures an easy usage of the device’s built-in features.

Moreover, supporting both RDS/RBDS standards and measurement units, the DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer II is a suitable choice for broadcast engineers from all around the world. The device offers various bar graphs, data plots, histograms, etc. therefore it will meet the expectations of the most demanding broadcasters.

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