DEVA Broadcast DB9009-TX

Professional IP Audio Encoder

The DEVA broadcast DB9009-TX is a second-generation multi protocol Audio over IP Encoder, designed in line with the latest market requirements.

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DEVA Broadcast DB9009-TX – Advanced IP Audio Encoder

Second Generation Multi Protocol Audio over IP Encoder

The DEVA Broadcast DB9009-TX is a second-generation multiprotocol Audio over IP Encoder. The design is in line with the latest market requirements. The design is user-friendly in terms of operation. Also, this device is perfect for both inexperienced and professional broadcasters alike. DB9009-TX can work with either analogue or digital audio signals. Also, it transmits directly the compressed output signal over the IP-based networks to one or more compatible IP Audio players or decoders.

No doubt, DEVA’s products are manufactured to meet the highest standards. The encoding of the audio sources into a high-quality configurable format is made in real-time by HE-AAC Versions 1 and 2 or MPEG-1 Layer 3. This in combination with the lossless uncompressed PCM stream, unaffected by the variable network conditions, guarantees long-distance audio transmission without quality loss.

The Graphical Display

This affordable device impresses with its new and precise milled front panel. In addition, it possesses an aluminium sheet body, OLED Graphical Display, and an intuitive navigation menu. The status monitoring of the audio levels (visualized in bar graphs) and the connection information and configuration, have never been so easy. Thanks to the OLED Graphical Display and the Intuitive Navigation Menu. The Soft Buttons indicators placed on the bottom side of the OLED display ease navigation through the menus. It is also great for quick access to the parameters, modes, and functions and as well as for altering their values.

Upon selecting the audio source, the DEVA Broadcast DB9009-TX system sends out encoded in real-time audio to the network. The new and improved DEVA Broadcast DB9009-TX can act simultaneously as an Icecast compatible Server, Icecast source client, or Real-Time Protocol (RTP) sender. Through the RS-232 port, this device transforms from an Ethernet to a serial Redirector. Furthermore, this enables quick integration of the existing audio systems to the Internet.

TXDB9009-TX offers exceptional features at an affordable price. Its trouble-free operation guarantees long-term reliability and easy firmware updates, directly on the field or remotely via the free-of-charge, password-protected WEB Interface. Once installed in its operation place, this device will be ready for 24/7/365 operation.