DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX

IP Audio Decoder

The DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX supports HE-AAC versions 1 and 2, MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams and PCM uncompressed audio streams.

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DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX

Compact, Multi-purpose, Premium Decoding

DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX Compact, multipurpose, premium decoding.

Its design is for high-quality audio decoding. DEVA Broadcast DB90-RX supports HE-AAC versions 1 and 2, MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams, and PCM uncompressed audio streams. But it has a powerful DSP processor. And also, either the digital or the analog outputs allow it to accomplish the decoding process in real-time.

More so, this high-tech device comes in a small and compact form. Also, it provides quick and effortless integration of the existing audio systems to the Internet Situated in thousands of locations all over the world. DB90-TX allows management by any kind of web browser from your PC, PDA or any kind of mobile device. Nevertheless, this is what makes it the best choice for professional and consumer use.

Along with its main IP audio source, DB90-RX comes with backup audio sources for higher stability. If the audio signal of the main source disappears, the device switches to the first available backup source. But when you recover the main audio signal, DB90-RX automatically switches back to it. It depends on your needs, you can easily change the sequence of the backup audio sources.

Web Based Interface

DB90-RX in combination with the HTML 5-based WEB Interface is excellent for Broadcast, Internet Radio, Studio to Transmitter Link as well as VoIP applications. Furthermore, it is compatible with every online radio system, including Icecast and Shoutcast. Also, it supports low latency Real Time Protocol (RTP) connection.


1. Audio Transmission over IP-based networks (DB90-TX is required at the opposite site)

2. Audio Transmission over IP-based Point-to-Point Wireless Link

3. MultiPoint Audio Transmission over IP-based networks

4. Low delay Real-time Audio Transmission

In line with the latest technology, one or more DB90-RX devices in combination with an encoder, (such as DB90-TX and DB9000-TX, for an instance) is a complete solution for long-distance audio-transmission applications.