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DEVA Broadcast DB7007

Advanced Re-Broadcast Receiver

The DEVA Broadcast DB7007 is a second-generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver.

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DEVA Broadcast DB7007 – Advanced Re-Broadcast Receiver

Advanced FM Radio Re-Broadcast Receiver with IP Audio & MP3 Backup Players

DEVA Broadcast DB7007 is a second-generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver. We consider the needs of the most demanding broadcasters. DEVA continuously supplements new features to our devices. DEVA possesses enhanced DB7007 that are a smarter, fully functional unit and is equipped with two high-selective DSP-based FM tuners.

Upon audio loss at the inputs, DEVA Broadcast DB7007 does not only notify the maintenance staff but also automatically switches to the second backup RF Station. If it detects a failure of the second station, DEVA Broadcast DB7007 shifts to the incorporated IP Stream, MP3/AAC backup audio source player. It is essential that the priority of the backup source is user-defined. You can upload the audio files and playlists to the device’s internal memory directly from your PC via any FTP client. However, upon restoration of the signal at the default input, the DB7007 automatically switches back to it. Depending on your preferences, there are several types of alarm notifications – E-mail, SNMP, and SMS (via the optional GSM modem).

OLED Graphical Display

The DEVA Broadcast DB7007 offers an easy-to-read, high-resolution OLED graphical display, front panel alarm indicators, and ultra-bright bar graphs with up to 40 LED segment indicators. These allow reading at a glance of the MPX, Left and Right Audio and the RF level, as well. It digitizes the RF (IF) signal as soon as it enters the device and makes all signal processing through DSP algorithms. Thus, it guarantees measurement of reproducibility over time. The IF bandwidth filters guarantee unprecedented signal selectivity. Furthermore, it resolves the difficult adjacent-channel problem. DEVA advanced DB7007 measures all important parameters of the FM transmission.

Additionally, the RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is easily visualized and represented as RDS/RBDS Data and detailed RDS/RBDS Statistics. Moreover, the utilized Band Analyzer function presents an overview of all available FM signals, plus the RF signal strength. It scans within any section of the FM band in 4 different frequency steps. The consequently generated spectrum diagram visualizes the relation between RF Level vs.Frequency.

Thanks to the built-in monitoring system. The product adheres to the underlying principle of all DEVA products to be as much user-friendly as possible. It is easy to control the DB7007 through the built-in Web server or use any standard web browser to monitor the status or to make any adjustments (iOS and Android devices are also supported); the supplied free of charge DEVA Device Manager Software or alternatively, through the very intuitive user interface.