DEVA Broadcast DB7001

FM Re-Broadcast Receiver

The DEVA Broadcast DB7001 is a second-generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver, equipped with а high-selective DSP-based FM tuner.

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DEVA Broadcast DB7001 – FM Radio Re-Broadcast Receiver

DSP-based FM Radio Re-Broadcast Receiver with TCP/IP Connectivity

The DEVA Broadcast DB7001 is a second-generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver. Considering the needs of the most demanding broadcasters and continuously supplementing new features to our devices, DEVA has enhanced DB7001 to be a smarter and fully functional unit, equipped with a high-selective DSP-based FM tuner.

The device is supplied with a built-in monitoring system, generating automatic warning messages in the case of out-of-limit parameters. Also, in case of an alarm event, the DEVA Broadcast DB7001 will notify the maintenance staff and will switch automatically to the backup station. Thus, audio loss for an extended period, if the problem with the main station is evident, will be prevented.

An impressive additional feature is that the RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is captured as RDS/RBDS data with detailed statistics, ensuring a complete data display at a glance. Notably, the USB and LAN communication interfaces allow flexibility for local and remote connection and control of the unit.

DB7001 Accessories

The DEVA Broadcast DB7001 has an easy to read and high-resolution OLED graphical display. It also has ultra-bright alarm indicators that allow reading the signal at a glance.

An additional feature to the list of DB7000 characteristics is that the RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal easily visualizes and represents the RDS/RBDS Data and detailed RDS/RBDS Statistics. The design of DB7000 supports USB and LAN communication interfaces.

Thus, it makes for flexibility in remote connection and control of the unit. Easy channel status monitoring or audio listening from everywhere is possible through your mobile phone. With the Audio Stream Server, you can listen to the audio of the received radio program.

The Band Analyser function of the DEVA Broadcast DB7001 presents an overview of all FM signals available and the RF signal strength of these stations. It scans within any section of the band in the FM band in 3 different modes.

The generated spectrum diagram shows the RF Level vs. the Frequency. More so, you can enable Scheduled Band Scans for RF intruder or pirate transmissions detection.

In case of a transmission failure, maintenance staff will be immediately alerted via E-mail, SNMP, or SMS which signals the technicians to restore normal service as soon as possible.

A high-performance level and sustained reliability make the DEVA Broadcast DB7001 satisfy the requirements of the most demanding broadcasters, as well as the satellite and cable operators.

This product has been designed with the latest state-of-the-art audio technology in use, and with very low harmonic distortion!