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DEVA Broadcast DB3011

FM/HD Radio & IP Audio Confidence Monitor

The DEVA Broadcast DB3011 FM/HD Radio monitor provides full fidelity off-air monitoring and online stream simultaneously.

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DEVA Broadcast DB3011

FM/HD Radio & IP Audio Confidence Monitoring Receiver

The transition from the traditional analogue transmission service to the new digital standards put many stations on the road to HD Radio broadcasting. Moreover, the new digital services ensure exceptionally high-quality sound. And also, it enhances the listening experience. Therefore, pacing in line with the latest technologies, DEVA designed a device, DB3011, to receive and monitor FM/HD Radio and Internet radio streams.

The unmatched audio system performance of DEVA Broadcast DB3011 is equipped with two speakers. It reproduces mid and high-range audio frequencies. It possesses one high-efficiency bass reflex speaker for high-quality sound. The DEVA Broadcast DB3011 offers brilliant acoustic characteristics with an extensive feature set. The tool supports AAC, AAC+, MP3, RTP and PCM IP audio codecs. In addition, DB3011 allows users to toggle through the FM, HD Radio and online stream of the radio station. This function makes confirmation of audio presence and quality in live broadcast environments pretty possible. The device is compatible with the most popular streaming media platforms, Icecast and Shoutcast.

The DEVA Broadcast DB3011 Radio monitor provides full-fidelity off-air monitoring and an online stream simultaneously. The radio gear is of premium class. DB3011 is DEVA’s competitive response to the requirements set by the transitional environment of coexistence of HD Radio with traditional broadcasting. The DEVA Broadcast DB3011 could be set to work in two modes, first FM and Internet radio stream monitoring mode. The second is HD Radio and Internet radio stream monitoring mode.

Monitoring Capability

Furthermore, the high-selective DSP-based tuner of the device allows the HD Radio, FM, and Internet stream of the station. It allows these to be selected, monitored, and listened to through top-quality speakers or headphones. This dedicated hardware does not only allow you to constantly monitor the sound of your station. It also measures and stores for future analysis the RF level, MPX deviation, and Left & Right Audio levels values. The rear-panel alarm GPOs, E-mail, and SNMP ver. 2C provides local alarm options, and online notifications in case of audio loss or change in the RF, Left, and Right Audio Levels. To enhance your performance, even more, the DB3011 has a built-in FM RDS/RBDS Decoder and HD Radio PAD Decoder.

OLED Graphical Indicators

The display of the DB3011 is easy to read. It is a high-resolution OLED graphical one. Its ultra-bright LED bargraph indicators to allow for seamless reading of the main signal parameters at a glance though. The received FM RDS/RBDS and HD Radio PAD are indicated on the front-panel display, along with the readouts of the signal quality information. The intuitive front panel navigation menu and set of four soft buttons enable easy navigation through the menus. It as well gives quick access to DB3011’s various functions.

Nevertheless, the tool provides fast remote monitoring and setup. Its WEB interface is accessible with no more than a click. It makes you able to listen to the FM Station, FM/HD Radio, and Internet radio stream. PC, tablet, or smartphone via a standard web browser is an excellent way to set up and control the unit.

Though, its extensive set of features to match the latest trends is incredibly useful. Its User-friendly control options and guaranteed 24/7 operation are other great features. DB3011 is the perfect asset for any station with HD Radio transmission.




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