Denon DN-700H

Network Audio Player

The DN700H Network Audio Player from Denon can connect to and playback a mantra of online media as well as local AM/FM broadcasts.

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Introducing the DN-700H, the first model in the 700-series – the new face of premium A/V products for professional installation by Denon Professional.  Brilliantly tooled in a 1 RU space-saving design, each model in the 700-series is developed to provide the ultimate in audio specifications and ethernet and IP functionality.  With  bright, highly visible OLED displays and intuitive LED button navigation, the 700-series provides any user the easiest operational experience and most versatile feature-set in the market today.

The DN-700H Network Audio Player from Denon Professional ushers in the new wave of “combo-deck” type playback devices.  Taking full advantage of what internet media offers, the DN-700H can connect to and playback a myriad of online media as well as local AM/FM broadcasts and even access your own digital media through DLNA streaming, Apple AirPlayr or the front-panel mounted USB port.

At the core of the new 700-series from Denon Professional is an ideal that marries a simpler, yet elegant design theory with the ultimate in high-specification feature-sets including a bridging of the gap between consumer type network devices and high-quality audio/video source and acquisition appliances.  With front panel button navigation that contains logic to guide the user and a slim 1RU design with removable rack ears, the 700-series is destined to become the new standard in professional installations.

The DN-700H is the ideal choice for installations not matter the environment.  With advanced control possibilities, accessing your device and your media has never been easier.  With full RS-232c serial implementation for large installations, to individual control via the included IR remote or via the Denon CE iDevice network app (available on the iTunes store), all of your music is just a click away.

What is AirPlay?

Apple’s revolutionary AirPlay technology allows you to experience your iTunes library through the DN-700H via your PC, MAC, or mobile device.  AirPlay does more than just stream your music to the 700H. It streams information about your music, too. Song titles, artists, album names, elapsed and remaining time,  all appear on the front panel display.

Available Media Sources:
-Local AM Radio
-Local FM Radio
-Local Radio stations and internet streams from the internet
-International Radio stations via the internet
-Connect to your Pandora and Rhapsody accounts1
-USB thumb drives and HDDs
-iPod, iPhone or iPad via the front panel USB
-Push your music from a PC, MAC, NAS or other DLNA enabled device to the 700H
-Pull music from a PC, MAC, NAS or DLNA certified device
-Push music from your iDevice via AirPlay for wireless control and audio
-Push music to the DN-700H from your iTunes library via AirPlay