Delta Meccanica 20071

1.2kW Band Pass Filter double cavity

The main purpose of the Delta Meccanica 20071 is the cutting off of all the frequencies except the one tuned on the filter, minimising the insertion loss.


SKU: 106491



The Delta Meccanica 20071 Double Cavity FM Filter with 7/16DIN on both input and output (EIA 7/8 optional) is used for transmitters of up to 1200 watts to prevent the products of intermodulation caused by multiple FM transmitters that are used in the same location or in close proximity to one another.

Preventing intermodulation can be achieved by placing a cavity filter on the output of each transmitter. A double cavity is suitable for a maximum frequency separation of 2 MHz; otherwise, a triple cavity filter is required. Adjust the filter according to the output capacity of the transmitter or power amplifier.

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