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AM Shortwave Audio Processor

This audio processor is optimised for high-frequency shortwave broadcasting with filtering to match the requirements to sound loud & clear on the frequently noisy part of the radio spectrum.

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The CRL AMIGO HF audio processor offers a comprehensive solution for audio processing, delivering high-quality stereo or mono output for your listeners. Here’s an overview of its features and capabilities:


  1. Easy Installation & Operation:
    • Input meter for quick adjustment of input level.
    • Simple controls for processing and stereo adjustments.
    • Transmitter modulation adjustment with output level and symmetry controls.
  2. Complete Audio Processing System:
    • Incorporates Dual Band AGC for consistent loudness.
    • Patented 3-Band Stereo Matrix Limiter for powerful loudness production.
    • Single Channel Output Limiting for enhanced control.
    • NRSC Output Filtering ensures compliance with standards.
    • Full set of processing controls for customizing your station’s sound.
  3. Quality Stereo or Mono:
    • Provides outstanding quality with loud and dynamic bass, mid-range, and treble for both stereo and mono listeners.
    • Ensures excellent performance and coverage area for mono transmissions.
  4. Additional Features:
    • Exclusive stereo enhancement circuit for widening stereo image.
    • Correction controls for improving performance with older transmitters or narrow bandwidth antenna systems.
    • Capable of driving two mono transmitters and seamlessly transitioning to stereo in the future.


  • Ease of Use: Designed for easy installation and operation, making it accessible for station staff.
  • High Performance: Incorporates advanced processing technologies for exceptional audio quality.
  • Flexibility: Can adapt to both mono and stereo broadcasting needs, with provisions for future upgrades.
  • Enhanced Control: Offers various features to fine-tune and optimize your station’s sound.


The CRL AMIGO HF stands out as a top-performing audio processor in its class, offering a balance of power and simplicity. Whether you’re looking to enhance your station’s sound quality, comply with broadcasting standards, or prepare for future upgrades, the Amigo HF provides the tools and capabilities to meet your needs effectively. Discover the difference it can make in elevating your station’s audio performance.

NB: Image of AMIGO AM used for description purposes only. This is the HF version.