Broadcast Concepts P50FM42MH-SMA2 Original price was: €350.Current price is: €325.
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Broadcast Concepts P600FM-184XR Original price was: €470.Current price is: €445.

Broadcast Concepts P50FM42

MRF173 28V 50W High Gain Driver

The Broadcast Concepts P50FM42 is designed for FM radio transmitters, this amplifier incorporates broadband matching to cover the complete FM band.

Original price was: €305.Current price is: €280.


Enhance FM Transmission Efficiency with Broadcast Concepts P50FM42 – 50W High Gain FM Driver 28V

Elevate the performance of your FM radio transmitter system with the P50FM42 High Gain FM Driver by Broadcast Concepts. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into FM broadcasting setups, this amplifier combines advanced features with efficient design.

Key Component Specifications:

  • Model: P50FM42
  • Frequency Range: 86 – 110MHz
  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 4.25 inches
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Power Output (Pout): 50W
  • Gain: 40dB at 50W
  • Class: AB
  • Power Supply: 28Vdc at 4.5 amps typical

Integrated Design Highlights:

  • Purposefully designed for FM radio transmitters with broadband matching to cover the entire FM band.
  • Compact dimensions (3.0 x 4.25 inches) for seamless integration into transmitter systems.
  • No bias adjustments or RF circuit tuning required, ensuring straightforward installation and operation.

Technical Resources for Seamless Integration:

  • Download the detailed pallet datasheet in PDF format for comprehensive technical insights.

Efficient Power Delivery for SEO Optimization:

  • High gain of 40dB at 50W contributes to improved SEO performance.
  • Operates within Class AB, striking a balance between power and efficiency.
  • Requires 28Vdc at a maximum of 4.5 amps for optimal performance.

Seamless Integration into Transmitter Systems:

  • Tailored for broadcasters seeking high-performance amplification with minimal complexity.
  • Ideal for maximizing efficiency and ease of integration.

Elevate your FM broadcasting system with the P50FM42 High Gain FM Driver from Broadcast Concepts. Download essential resources, explore detailed specifications, and seamlessly integrate this high-efficiency component into your FM transmitter setup. Broadcast Concepts – Empowering Your FM Broadcasting System.