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Broadcast Concepts P30FM-17

BLF245 28V 30W FM Module

Designed for FM radio transmitters, this Broadcast Concepts amplifier incorporates broadband matching and a BLF245 MOSFET transistor.

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Explore Enhanced FM Transmission with Broadcast Concepts P30FM-17 28V 30W FM Amplifier Module

Unleash the power of seamless FM broadcasting with the innovative P30FM-17 amplifier module by Broadcast Concepts. Tailor-made for FM radio transmitters, this module combines cutting-edge features with a sleek design for unparalleled performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Model: P30FM-17
  • Transistor: BLF245 MOSFET
  • Frequency Range: 86 – 110MHz
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 4.50 inches
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Power Output (Pout): 30W
  • Gain: 17dB at 30W
  • Class: AB
  • Power Supply: 28Vdc at 2.0 amps typical

Efficient Design and Features:

  • Experience seamless integration into your FM broadcasting setup with broadband matching and a sophisticated BLF245 MOSFET transistor.
  • Compact dimensions at 2.25 x 4.50 inches for versatile placement in your system.
  • No need for bias adjustments or RF circuit tuning—plug and play convenience.
  • Optimal performance with a bias point set at 2.0 amps at 28V.

Comprehensive Technical Information:

  • Download DXF files for baseplate, RF, and power drawings for precise mechanical integration.
  • Access the detailed pallet datasheet in PDF format for comprehensive technical insights.
  • Explore RF Output vs. Supply Voltage Charts in a downloadable PDF format.

Revolutionize Your FM Broadcasting Setup:

  • Elevate your FM transmission capabilities with the P30FM-17 amplifier module.
  • Effortlessly integrate into your system with downloadable DXF files for mechanical precision.
  • Uncover the technical nuances with detailed PDF datasheets and charts.

Unlock a new era of FM broadcasting with Broadcast Concepts P30FM-17. Download essential resources for an in-depth understanding of the technology that drives unparalleled FM transmission. Elevate your broadcasting experience with Broadcast Concepts – Where Innovation Meets Excellence.