Broadcast Concepts P1800FM-188XR

BLF188XR 1800W FM Pallet

An interesting feature of the Broadcast Concepts P1800FM-188XR is its excellent linearity, making it a very interesting candidate for high-power linear applications.



Introducing the Broadcast Concepts P1800FM-188XR BLF188XR 1800W FM Pallet – a powerhouse amplifier designed for FM radio transmitters, utilizing a robust pair of BLF188XR push-pull transistors to deliver an impressive minimum power output of 1800 watts.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: Covers the 87.5-108MHz spectrum at 43-50 Volts, ensuring versatile performance.
  • VSWR Immune: Experience reliable operation with immunity to VSWR fluctuations.
  • Output Power: Achieve a minimum Pout of 1800W with just an 8W input, showcasing exceptional efficiency.
  • Gain Performance: Boasts a minimum gain of 20dB, ensuring strong signal amplification.
  • Class B Push-Pull Design: Enjoy low-distortion performance with the Class B push-pull architecture.
  • Compact Design: Featuring a small footprint of only 5.0 inches x 8.7 inches, allowing for flexible integration into various setups.
  • High Efficiency: Attain a typical efficiency of 75% (On 48V), optimizing power usage.
  • Baseplate Compatibility: Note that the baseplate for this pallet is identical to the BLF574 1200W model P1200FM-25, providing a seamless upgrade path.

Designed for FM transmitter applications, the Broadcast Concepts P1800FM-188XR offers a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and compact design. Elevate your broadcasting capabilities by incorporating this advanced FM pallet into your system.

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