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Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR

1200W BLF184XR FM Pallet Amplifier

The Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR uses the latest high performance technology from NXP. These new 50 volt LDMOS transistors are ideal for that 1KW+ amplifier project.

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Introducing the Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR BLF184XR 1200W FM Pallet Amplifier – an exceptional amplifier designed for optimum performance and efficiency in FM broadcasting applications.

Key Features:

  • Voltage Range: Operates efficiently within 40-50 Volts @ 32 – 36ADC, providing reliable power.
  • Frequency Range: Covers the FM spectrum from 87.5 to 108.1MHz, ensuring versatility in broadcasting.
  • LDMOS Technology: Utilizes BLF184XR 50volt LDMOS Technology for advanced performance.
  • Input/Output Impedance: Maintains a 50-ohm impedance for seamless integration into various setups.
  • Power Output (Pout): Achieves a minimum of 1200W with a typical 5.5W input, showcasing robust performance.
  • P1dB: Typical P1dB of 1100W ensures consistent and reliable power delivery.
  • Minimum Gain: Boasts a minimum gain of 23dB for strong signal amplification.
  • Heavy-Duty Output Hybrid: The output hybrid is rated for 2000W, ensuring durability under demanding conditions.
  • Operating Class: Features a Class B push-pull design for low-distortion performance.
  • Temperature Compensated Bias: Ensures stable and efficient operation under varying temperature conditions.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 8.94 x 4.0 x 1.25 inches, this amplifier offers a compact footprint for easy integration.
  • Base Material: Constructed with a 1/4 inch alloy 145 copper base for optimal thermal conductivity.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 4 LBS, this amplifier strikes a balance between power and portability.

Elevate your broadcasting capabilities with the Broadcast Concepts P1200FM-184XR, where cutting-edge technology meets compact design. Order now to experience top-tier performance and reliability in your FM transmitter setup.