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Broadcast Concepts LPF250FM

250W FM Low Pass Filter

The Broadcast Concepts LPF250FM is a high quality, high performance and competitively price low pass filter for all 50 ohm pallet amplifiers up to and including 250W continuous power.

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Introducing the Broadcast Concepts LPF250FM – your go-to solution for optimal FM signal filtration. This high-performance 250W FM Low Pass Filter is meticulously designed to meet the demands of 50-ohm pallet amplifiers, delivering top-notch quality at a competitive price point.

Key Features:

Frequency Precision: Explore the 86-110MHz frequency range with confidence, tailored specifically for your broadcasting needs.

Minimal Signal Disturbance: Experience superior signal clarity with a maximum insertion loss of 0.30 dB (typical: 0.25 dB) and excellent return loss metrics (maximum: -25dB, typical: -28dB).

Harmonic Rejection: Ensure purity in your broadcast with a remarkable -45dB rejection at 176MHz, effectively mitigating the 1st harmonic at 88MHz.

Quality Components: Crafted with precision, this filter boasts metal-clad silver Teflon caps from CDE and robust #14 AWG inductors.

Compact and Efficient: Measuring at 2.75 inches wide, 3.75 inches long, and 0.625 inches high, the LPF250FM is designed for space efficiency without compromising performance.

Rigorous Testing: Every unit undergoes thorough testing on an HP 8753D network analyzer to ensure compliance with our stringent specifications, including a maximum insertion loss of 0.25dB and better than -20dB return loss from 88-108MHz.

Versatile Installation: Tailor your setup with flexibility – whether soldering coax directly or installing in a customer-supplied enclosure. RF connectors are not included to provide adaptability to your specific requirements.

Secure Mounting: Easily integrate into your system with 8-32 screws, and ensure stability with 3/8 inch PCB standoffs or washers to prevent inductor shorting. For optimal performance, consider installing the filter in a metal chassis, offering shielding and efficient thermal conductivity in high-power scenarios.

System Compatibility: Designed exclusively for 50-ohm systems, the LPF250FM is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your setup, delivering reliable performance.

Upgrade your FM broadcasting experience with the Broadcast Concepts LPF250FM – where quality, precision, and adaptability converge for unparalleled signal excellence. Elevate your broadcasts today.