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Broadcast Concepts LPF195DC

200W FM Low Pass Filter with Directional Coupler

This Broadcast Concepts LPF195DC low pass filter directional coupler provides a DC voltage at the forward and reflected ports.

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Welcome to the cutting-edge Broadcast Concepts LPF195DC – a 200W FM Low Pass Filter with DC, designed to elevate your broadcasting experience. This innovative low pass filter directional coupler not only ensures superior signal filtration but also provides a DC voltage at the forward and reflected ports, offering enhanced functionality for your setup.

Key Features:

DC Voltage Capability: Experience added versatility with this filter’s unique feature of providing a DC voltage at the forward and reflected ports, expanding the possibilities for your broadcasting applications.

Broadband Equalizer Network: The test ports are equipped with a broadband equalizer network, maintaining a constant RF level at the diodes across the FM band. This results in consistent voltage at all frequencies, ensuring a reliable and uniform performance.

Precision Frequency Handling: Covering the 86-110MHz frequency range with a maximum power of 200 watts, the LPF195DC employs a 9th order Chebyshev typology for precise frequency filtration.

Low Loss Performance: Benefit from exceptional signal integrity with a low loss of 0.3dB maximum, coupled with robust #14 AWG inductors to enhance overall performance.

Minimal Insertion Loss: Experience minimal signal disruption with a maximum insertion loss of 0.3dB (typical: 0.25dB), ensuring optimum performance across the FM band.

Return Loss and Rejection: Achieve superior signal reflection management with a -25dB return loss, while enjoying a minimum -50dB rejection at 176MHz, effectively mitigating the 1st harmonic at 88MHz.

High Directivity: Ensure precise signal directionality with a minimum directivity of 20dB, enhancing the overall performance of your broadcasting system.

Rigorous Testing: Each LPF195DC undergoes meticulous sweep testing with network analyzers, guaranteeing reliable and consistent performance.

Elevate your broadcasting setup with the Broadcast Concepts LPF195DC – where advanced features meet high-performance standards. Experience unparalleled signal excellence and explore new possibilities in FM broadcasting. Upgrade your broadcasts today.