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Biquad HP600MP

Headphone Distribution Amplifier

The Biquad HP600MP distribution amplifier can supply up to 12 headphones simultaneously with extreme power and audio fidelity.

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Introducing the Biquad HP600MP Standalone Power Supply

The Biquad HP600MP power supply is your go-to solution for efficiently powering up to six HP1 modules. This power supply unit is designed to work seamlessly in series with these modules, making it ideal for installations spanning considerable distances. Thanks to its innovative design, you can utilize a standard CAT5e network cable, eliminating the need for expensive shielded cables. This not only simplifies installation but also helps you save on costs.

Moreover, the HP600MP is fully compatible with other equipment within the Biquad modular line, ensuring a versatile and integrated approach to your power supply requirements. Whether you’re setting up a new system or expanding an existing one, the Biquad HP600MP stands as a reliable and cost-effective choice.

Invest in the Biquad HP600MP and experience a hassle-free and efficient power supply solution for your HP1 modules and beyond.