Biquad DAP4-FM

FM Audio Processor

The Biquad DAP4-FM processor with DSP digital technology, specially developed for audio processing and modulation control in FM radio stations.

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Biquad DAP4-FM

Digital 5-Band FM Audio Processor

The Biquad DAP4-FM processor has audio inputs and outputs in digital and analog format, as well as an internal digital stereo encoder with highly professional performance (> 80 dB @ 10Hz-16KHz) for sending the signal directly to the transmitter or link.

Processing two audio channels (left and right).
It has input AGC divided into 2 independent bands, followed by multiband processing with AGCs and limiters in 5 independent bands.
It has an exclusive intelligent pre-emphasis control.  Features specific tools for FM processing, providing extremely competitive and high-fidelity audio in the air.
Bass, mid and treble enhancer and stereo expansion built into the product.
It can be controlled via software from anywhere, over the internet or locally via a USB connection, with its
completely dynamic, pleasant, intuitive and easy to operate reading and control software.
It has 20 presets for various types of different programs: rock, pop, generic, harmonic, etc.
In addition, with 20 presets that can be customised and saved by the user.
It also presents the possibility of automatic programming of changing presets throughout the day and week.

On its front panel, there is a touch screen display, allowing access to some parameters of control and reading of equipment operation.
Developed in a 19” wide rack standard, with two rack units high (2UR) and 30 cm deep.
Finished in high standard brushed stainless steel.

Full Range power input – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.