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Biquad DAP4-AM

AM Audio Processor

The Biquad DAP4-AM processor with DSP digital technology, specially developed for audio processing and modulation control in AM radio stations.


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Biquad DAP4-AM

Digital 5-Band AM Audio Processor.

Audio processor with digital DSP technology specially developed for audio processing and modulation control on AM radio stations.

Has digital and analogue audio input and output format and specific filters for audio processing in modulated amplitude.

The DAP4-AM processes two audio channels (left and right) separated or mono. It has AGC input with 2 independent bands and a multi-band processing each with AGC and limiters in 5 independent bands, plus a unique intelligent control pre-emphasis optimised for audio processing in AM. This optimised pre-emphasis provides powerful audio on your station, undeniably more evident than your competitors.

It has specific tools and resources for processing in AM that provide an extremely competitive and high fidelity audio with specific filters and asymmetry control, ensuring a powerful modulation with great sound differential.

Can be controlled by software from anywhere through the internet or locally through a USB connection. This control software is completely intuitive and easy to operate.

The equipment already has 20 factory predefined presets for several types of programming and 20 more presets that can be customised by the user. It’s also possible to schedule the automatic preset change during the day or during the week.

It has a touch screen display on the front panel that allow to access some control parameters and readings of the equipment.

Provided in a standard 19″ rack width and two unit rack height (2UR) and 30 cm deep in high standard finishing in brushed stainless steel.