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Biquad APG-02

FM Audio Processor

The Biquad APG-02 audio processor is designed for use in FM stations, which want a good sound at an economical price.


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Biquad APG-02

The Biquad APG-022 has an extremely simple circuit, yet very functional when performing its role perfectly and very efficiently.

It has a wideband AGC at the input that controls the average level from the audio mixer and a multi-band peak compressor/limiter.
Processes the audio in 3 independent frequency bands, controlling the peaks and maximising the loudness of the program to be transmitted.
In addition to the multi-band processing stage, the equipment also has a high-quality stereo generator and channel separation (> 60dB @ 1KHz), with extremely professional characteristics.
Its stereo generator has a final composite signal clipper (MPX) allowing the broadcaster a very effective loudness in the air.

It has balanced audio inputs and an MPX output on its rear panel.
On its front panel, it has a VU that shows the input audio level and the audio level at the MPX output, as well as an adjustment of the output level of the processed audio.
Very easy to install and operate, the equipment has no adjustments and is pre-set at the factory.
Plug & Play, once installed, will be ready for use, requiring only the adjustment of the final modulation of the transmitter.
Developed in a standard 19 ” rack cabinet, with a height unit (1UR) and brushed stainless steel finish.

Full Range power input – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.