Belar FMMA-1

“The Wizard” FM Modulation Monitor / Analyzer

The Belar FMMA-1 “The Wizard” is a microprocessor controlled, digital baseband FM modulation monitor / analyzer.

SKU: 101255


The Wizard is a microprocessor controlled, digital baseband FM modulation monitor/analyzer that precisely measures peak modulation, peaks per minute, average peak modulation, modulation density, and more. The Wizard can operate with an existing modulation monitor, or it can be configured to replace an existing baseband modulation monitor. The Wizard Software (included with The Wizard) and an IBM compatible personal computer enable real-time graphing, logging, and remote operation.

The Wizard features user-defined parameters and settings for maximum flexibility. The two large UP/DOWN menu keys are used to cycle the 16 digit alphanumeric display to the desired menu; the UP/DOWN parameter keys are then used to select the desired setting. The configuration can be saved to non-volatile memory in the unit in the event of a power loss.

Two Composite Loop-thru’s permit you to “touch up” your modulation remotely through the RS-232 port. For example, you could run the output of your stereo generator through loop-through 1, then through your composite clipper (if applicable), then through Loop 2. You now have the ability to raise or lower the modulation going into the clipper, and to raise or lower the modulation coming out of the clipper – remotely, if desired.

A built-in Audio Sentry audio failure alarm alerts you to loss of modulation.

 When installed at the transmitter, Option 02 measures RF level, AM Noise, and Synchronous AM noise, eliminating the need for a separate AM Noise detector.