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AXEL Technology DLG Plus

Advanced Logo Generator

The Axel DLG Plus is the ultimate solution for high-quality logo generation and for automatic management of titles and graphics.

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AXEL Technology DLG Plus

Advanced Channel Branding

Easy integration

The Axel DLG Plus MULTIPLE CHANNELS ADVANCED LOGO GENERATOR can receive commands from external devices for hotkeys functions (MOXA boards, RS232, custom Keyboards) to load and play multiple pages.
The simple Composer platform gives a wide range of possibilities to set position, transparency, static effects (blur, glow, shadow, etc.) and in & out transition effects for each object.
The interactive AxelTech DLG engine allows switching from different templates with smooth transitions, recognizing the same elements and adding just new ones. This smart solution allows infinite layers of graphics.

Top results, effortlessly

DLG Plus is very simple to use and does not need any specific training. The user interface of the main playout section is displayed as a video mixer-like control with preview/program button bar and preview/ program video windows, allowing users with basic video mixer knowledge to immediately get confident with the CG and graphics operability. Page compositing is also very user-friendly and allows adding of multiple objects like texts, clocks, crawls, rolls, and media (audio, bitmaps, video, and animations) e and define their specific aspect in detail.

Broadcast quality

DLG Plus delivers top-quality antialiased text, smooth interlaced crawls, tickers, and rolls over SDI or NDI output. All layers are managed in 32-bits, allowing precise alpha channel and transparency compositing. Text and media can be updated on the fly, allowing to perform in live production environments.

What is the difference between DLG Plus and CG Live?

DLG Plus is a turnkey rack-mountable unit (hardware and software) with an easy-to-use video mixer-like user interface. It can be used in master control environments as an advanced logo generator or in a production room for live CG. CG Live is a software bundle that features a more traditional user interface for live production, but It also includes the DLG Plus software so users can choose whichever fits best. CG Live is also available as a 4 rack unit turnkey system. DLG Plus and CG Live share the same multimedia engine, allowing the interchange of templates and projects.

Excel as an App

DLG plus imports data automatically from TXT, CSV, RSS feeds and especially Excel files, so whenever data is updated, it goes straight on air. DLG Plus respects fonts, colours, and alignment specified in the Excel files, selecting from which sheet and cells to acquire the data. Hidden or unprintable cells will not air, very handy for comments and remarks to the user inputting the data. DLG plus also respects the formulas and database connections specified in the Excel files, allowing to create custom applications with macros and VBA scripting.