8-/16-Channel Telephone Hybrid for VoIP, POTS & ISDN

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8-/16-Channel Telephone Hybrid for VoIP, POTS & ISDN

The MAGIC THipPro is the most flexible and functional Talk-show System in our portfolio. The system is available with 8 or 16 VoIP lines. Optionally, POTS or ISDN modules can be integrated, providing a maximum of 8 POTS interfaces for connection to analogue telephone lines or a maximum of 16 ISDN channels. A special feature of the MAGIC THipPro is the so-called Mixed Mode in which the system can be operated with POTS or ISDN lines and simultaneously with VoIP lines.

MAGIC THipPro provides two analogue and eight digital Audio inputs and outputs, plus two handset/headset interfaces. Optionally, the AES67 upgrade allows the use of eight additional audio channels (8 x RX (2 streams) and 8 x TX (1 stream)) via IP. Alternatively, a Ravenna or Dante module is also available. The Audio interfaces can be assigned freely to the up to 20 installed workplaces and 6 studios.


MAGIC THipPro can be connected to an MS SQL database Server. Different studios can use the same or individual databases for call screening. Of course, a blacklist function is also available. All features such as e.g. Auto Answer, call forwarding, Voice Disguise, Night Service and caller preselection are supported. As a special feature the answering machine functionality has been implemented – callers can be accepted automatically in HOLD, hear a pre-recorded message and are dropped afterwards, alternatively callers can also be recorded.

MAGIC THipPro Pure

For users who no longer require classic audio interfaces, the MAGIC THipPro Pure variant will also be available from summer 2022. The optional AES67 software upgrade or the Dante or Ravenna module will be used for audio connection.


  • MAGIC THipPro LAN Software
  • MAGIC THipPro Screener Software
  • News Desk Client Upgrade
  • MAGIC THipPro Admin Studio Upgrade
  • MAGIC THipPro ACconnect
  • HD Voice Upgrade
  • Competition Management
  • Pretalk Streaming Upgrade
  • MAGIC Collaboration Services
  • MAGIC PhonerSet
  • DTMF Analyzer Plug-In
  • Social Media Upgrade
  • AES67 Upgrade
  • Dante Module
  • Ravenna Module
  • Ember+ Extension Upgrades
  • MAGIC System Manager Upgrade
  • POTS Module (only few available)
  • Dual LAN Module
  • Handset/Headset
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • 8 x FXO Ports VoIP/POTS Gateway