MAGIC TBR Tunnel Break-In Rebroadcast System

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The AVT MAGIC TBR (Tunnel Break-In Rebroadcast) system is a sophisticated DAB+ repeater and Voice Break-in system designed for emergency scenarios. Encased in a compact 19″ housing with only 2U, this system operates on a signal-processor based hardware platform.

Key Features:

  1. Triple Encoder Integration: The system incorporates three encoders per ensemble to cover all possible scenarios for replacing audio programs during emergency announcements.
  2. Complete Multiplex Replication: The entire multiplex is replicated and replaced frame-synchronously, ensuring that the DAB receiver receives a continuous signal without losing synchronization or rescanning the DAB band.
  3. Patented Technology: The frame-synchronous replacement technique was developed by Ingenieurbüro Mulka and is protected by a European patent.
  4. Receiver Compatibility: The system ensures compatibility with DAB receivers by maintaining consistency in data rate, sampling frequency, error protection, CIF Counter, time, etc.
  5. Automatic Switching: In case a driver hears another medium (e.g., CD), the receiver can be automatically switched to DAB mode through suitable alarm signaling (if supported by the receiver).
  6. Flash Memory Integration: The integrated flash memory allows storage of prepared slideshows, dynamic labels, and periodic repeating information announcements. These can be activated automatically via a scheduler.
  7. Visual Presentation: PAD data, in the form of a Slideshow and/or Dynamic Label, can be transmitted for visual presentation alongside audio content.
  8. Monitoring Capability: The complete ensemble can be monitored via a Monitoring Decoder.
  9. Standard Repeater Operation: In standard operation mode, the system functions as a classic repeater. The DAB Ensemble is received, digitally filtered, processed, and broadcasted again via the tunnel antenna.
  10. No GPS Requirement: The system operates without requiring a GPS signal for synchronization, although inputs for future extensions are available.
  11. Continuous Multiplex Configuration Information (MCI): During repeater operation, the received ensemble is continuously analyzed to maintain up-to-date Multiplex Configuration Information (MCI) even after reconfigurations.


  • Ensemble Module Upgrade: Allows for upgrading the ensemble module.
  • Break-In via Telephone: Provides an option for initiating a break-in via telephone.


  • DAB Receiver/Demodulator and DAB Modulator/Repeater: Handles both receiving and rebroadcasting functionalities.
  • Emergency Announcement Override: Can replace all DAB/DAB+ programs simultaneously during emergency announcements.
  • Integrated Monitoring Decoder: Monitors the complete ensemble.
  • Flash Memory: Stores announcements and PAD data.
  • Analog and Digital Audio Inputs/Outputs: Provides flexibility in audio connectivity.
  • Ethernet Interfaces: Includes two interfaces for control, monitoring, SNMP, and optional VoIP.
  • Programmable GPIOs: Features programmable GPIOs, including TTL and Relays.
  • Clock Inputs: Includes clock inputs for potential future extensions.