Basic & Professional Multiplexer


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Basic & Professional

The Ensemble Multiplexers MAGIC DABMUX Basic and Professional are based on the Fraunhofer ContentServer technology and offer a highly available professional DAB Digital Radio platform (Eureka 147 DAB).

The system supports all possible content and signalling options offered by DAB.

For integration into transmission networks, the system relies on modern IP technology, which enables a simple and cost-effective connection of all DAB system components such as encoders and Monitoring Decoders. The multiplexer is only synchronized via NTP from a GPS-synchronous NTP server and can distribute the NTP to all remote audio encoders.

Thanks to the FhG MuxEnc protocol used, secure transmission between remote audio encoders and the multiplexer over long distances is possible without packet loss. In addition, this enables configuration, PAD transmission and monitoring of the remote hardware encoders. Alternatively, the encoders can also be connected via EDI if required.

The system can also be used as a service multiplexer to generate a pre-multiplex of all audio and data services locally.
The multiplexed data stream is then transmitted to the Ensemble Multiplexer via IP using the STI interface (Service Transport Interface). The STI standard offers the great advantage that reconfigurations are transparently forwarded to the Ensemble Multiplexer so that a service provider can perform reconfigurations independently.

Each system variant offers the basic possibility of redundant operation with one or even several redundant multiplexers.


  • DCP Monitoring
  • ETI/STI/EDI/RDI Analyser/Converter
  • DAB/DAB+ Software Audio Encoder


  • Server-PC-based Service & Ensemble Multiplexer
  • Support of almost all features contained in the DAB standard
  • Multiple redundancy
  • Standard STI (D+C) (STI to one multiplexer)
  • Extended STI (D+C) (STI to multiple multiplexers)
  • Synchronisation via NTP
  • Connection of external audio encoders
  • Support of internal software audio encoders
  • Support of DAB Surround
  • Journaline®