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Ensemble Multiplexer

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Ensemble Multiplexer

MAGIC DABMUX Go RF is the world’s smallest and only DSP-based ensemble multiplexer and thus offers high availability with excellent performance. With MAGIC DABMUX Go RF RM it is now available as a 19″ version that can be mounted in a rack.

Up to 20 program providers can be connected via external audio encoders. Installing the encoders directly in the studio effectively prevents the audio quality from being impaired by codec cascades.

Particular importance was attached to the simple configuration of the ensemble multiplexer using a web browser, so that users without DAB expert knowledge can also set up the system.

The highly compact DAB ensemble multiplexers enable very simple multiplexing according to the ETSI EN 300 401 standard. Despite its size, features such as reconfigurations (manual and time-controlled), extracting subchannels from other multiplexers, inserting PAD and NPAD data services, generating service information etc. integrated.

Either the AVTMUX protocol or EDI(ETI) from external multiplexers is expected as the input signal. Both multiplexer variants deliver an EDI signal as an output signal for transmission to the transmitter locations. Alternatively, a power output stage can also be controlled directly. This possibility is particularly interesting if only one transmitter location exists.

The synchronization takes place either via NTP or via the integrated GPS receiver.

Configuration, operation, and monitoring is carried out via an HTML5-capable web browser.

Of course, an external alarm can also be sent via SNMP.

In terms of network technology, the system has a GBit Ethernet interface that allows you to set up up to three IP addresses and VLANs.


  • DSP based ensemble multiplexer\
  • Configuration via web browser
  • Integrated NPAD inserter
  • Synchronization via NTP
  • SNMP v1/v2c
  • Manual reconfigurations
  • Scheduled reconfigurations
  • RF modulator + GPS synchronization
  • Connection of up to 20 encoders possible


  • MAGIC DABMUX plus upgrade
  • Service monitor upgrade
  • Emergency Warning Break-In Upgrade
  • cable upgrade
  • Redundant power supply
  • Switch redundancy upgrade
  • Redundancy+ upgrade
  • DAB System Manager upgrade