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EDI/RF Analyser, Test Receiver & Modulator

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EDI/RF Analyser, Test Receiver & Modulator

The DABRF device was developed as a core component of the tunnel break-in system, MAGIC TBR, that, in the event of a disaster, allows supplying a street tunnel with live warning messages via digital radio.
All digital signal processing functions are implemented in one powerful DSP and one FPGA. A Gigabit Ethernet interface and 512 MByte internal memory enable a wideband connection between the DABRF and a PC or other external system components. The so created device is versatile and suitable for other applications as well.
In particular the DABRF replaces the established DAB test receiver, UEB400-DXP, within the DAB-XPlorer family. The DABRF offers great extensions of the powerful analysis tools of the DAB-XPlorer suite. It will support the already known functions:

  • Recording of ETI data streams from a
  • received on-air signal
  • Multiplex analysis
  • Coverage measuring with bit error rates and RF level,
  • SFN analysis

Additionally, it will enable the following new functions to be realized by software extensions:

  • RF recording in form of I/Q samples at a bandwidth of 1.6 MHz
  • Replay of the recorded RF signal with a high dynamic range
  • Simultaneous COFDM modulation of up to four different ETI or EDI data streams to four DAB blocks laying within a 37 MHz wide RF band
  • Advanced RF analysis of the received signal, i.e. MER, inband spectrum, constellation diagram, channel impulse response etc.


  • Test receiver and modulator rolled into one
  • RF recording with 1.6 MHz bandwidth
  • Can be combined with software components of the DAB-XPlorer family
  • COFDM modulator for simultaneous generation of up to four DAB blocks
  • GPS receiver integrated
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Recording and analysing DAB signals
  • Capturing of ETI files from on-air signals
  • Coverage measuring
  • SFN analysis
  • COFDM modulator for receiver testing