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axel DLG Plus 1
AXEL Technology DLG Plus Original price was: €11,695.Current price is: €11,111.

Audemat Control Silver


The Audemat Control Silver (formerly known as IP2Choice) is a system for site management and monitoring.

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Audemat Control Silver

The Audemat Control Silver (formerly known as IP2Choice) is a system for site management and monitoring. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs and commands (relays). The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR is also capable of advanced connections to other equipment using serial protocols or SNMP via an IP network. All units linked to the AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can then be monitored and controlled locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes on networks (ADSL, LAN, GSM. The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can also trigger automatic actions, providing a complete management solution.

Product Benefits

Powerful Performance

  • Monitoring and Alarm Control of equipment installed at remote sites
  • Monitoring of up to 2 SNMP third party devices (12 as an option)
  • Powered by ScriptEasy, the smartest graphical tool for remote control
  • Enables automatic actions to be triggered on defined events, statuses, or combination of these

Powerful Control

  • Complete set of tools & functions to build simple or complex scripts
  • Flexible and customizable alarms and notifications
  • Access the site from anywhere via an embedded web server
  • Master View enables creation of customized views for easy understanding

Powerful Savings

  • 24/7 vigilance and action to protect your investment
  • Compact and light, the AUDEMAT CONTROL Silver can fit anywhere (DIN rail mountable)
  • Audio presence detection and backup for transmitter sites prevents off-air disasters

Powered By ScriptEasy

Advanced Telemetry

Audemat Control Silver With ScriptEasy For Advanced Remote Control

ScriptEasy is the revolutionary facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to give users the power and flexibility to create “Smart” sites; ones that can automatically take action to correct any critical errors that affect operations.

Featuring an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), ScriptEasy incorporates GPIO functions, serial communications, logic operators, live user inputs, timers and more. This allows the site operations to be “scripted”, to allow evaluation of multiple parameters and even automatically engage backup systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel.


Connect to external equipment for data access

Via hard-wired inputs / outputs (relays, audio inputs, analog or digital inputs):

  • Status, metering data, commands, and automatic actions

Via USB<>RS232 or USB<>RS485 adapter: 

  • IP Tunnelling for remote access to the terminal interface of external equipment
  • SCRIPTEASY Driver: integration of specific serial protocols for automatic monitoring

Via Ethernet ports:

  • Management of external equipment via SNMP

Remote diagnostics, monitoring, maintenance

  • Continuous monitoring and logging of status, values, or levels
  • Triggering of automatic actions on out of tolerance conditions or on set schedules
  • Notifications on occurrence of specific conditions

Transmitter management

  • Detection of failure and control of backup transmitters
  • Double drive management
  • Triggering of automatic or manual actions using inputs / outputs and script from ScriptEasy

Audio backup

Audio backup managed with ScriptEasy script to provide failover option upon loss of audio at the transmitter site