Armstrong X-500B

500W AM Transmitter

The Atmstrong X-500B is built with a single 600 Watt RF module capable of 150% modulation, and can bring that major market sound to your radio station.

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Armstrong X-500B: Compact and Efficient 500W AM Transmitter

The Armstrong X-500B is a compact, solid-state AM Transmitter boasting 500 Watts of power and is equipped to support HD Radio. Engineered with a focus on high-quality audio, low maintenance, and optimized multiphase modulation, this transmitter caters to broadcasting needs with efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. Space-Efficient Design: Housed in a robust aluminum chassis, the X-500B seamlessly fits into a standard 19″ rack, occupying merely seven rack spaces (12.25″). Its design ensures durability and easy integration into broadcasting setups.
  2. Modular Configurations: Incorporates hot-pluggable 600-watt modules, offering flexibility for power adjustments with three preset power levels that can be conveniently set in the field. The power level settings allow adaptability for full power as well as pre-sunrise/post-sunset power adjustments.
  3. Remote Control Capability: Provides complete remote control capability facilitated through a rear-mounted DB 25 connector, enabling easy operation and management.
  4. HD Radio Compatibility: Offers compatibility with HD Radio technology, featuring an external RF input for digital signal injection, allowing seamless integration with digital broadcast systems.

Main Features:

  • High RF PA Efficiency: Boasts over 90% RF power amplifier efficiency, ensuring effective power utilization and minimizing energy wastage.
  • Multiphase Modulation: Utilizes an optimized multiphase modulator ensuring a flat group delay and low source impedance for enhanced modulation quality.
  • Modulation Capabilities: Capable of up to +150% positive modulation, providing additional modulation headroom for optimal signal quality.
  • Redundant and Reliable: Features two hot-pluggable 600-watt RF modules that ensure reliability and headroom, coupled with two high-efficiency switching power supplies, guaranteeing consistent operation.
  • Compact and Future-Ready: Compact design, easily adaptable to accommodate the new digital IBOC signal and future broadcasting requirements.

The Armstrong X-500B stands as a testament to a highly efficient and flexible broadcasting solution. With a design focused on optimizing performance, ensuring reliability, and integrating seamlessly with digital broadcasting technologies, this AM Transmitter embodies a perfect amalgamation of power, efficiency, and future-ready features.