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APT Multi-Channel CODEC

Multiple Channels of Audio & MPX over IP

The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC is a compact and efficient solution for the transport of multiple channels of audio.

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The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC is an advanced, compact solution for transporting multiple channels of audio over IP links. Designed to support up to 16 audio channels in a single 1RU frame, this codec utilizes multicast and multiple unicast technology to optimize IP stream management.

Key Features:

  1. Modular Design:
    • The 1RU frame accommodates up to 4 AoIP modules, each functioning as a standalone stereo duplex codec.
    • Modules combine audio, dual IP transport, and auxiliary data onboard.
  2. Audio Formats and Modes:
    • Supports simplex, duplex, AES/EBU, AES/EBU with analog backup, and analog with HI/LO or 600Ω impedance.
    • Offers a Dante Interface module option for integration with Dante or AES67 networks.
  3. Performance:
    • Manages up to 16 audio channels in 1RU, with additional streams via multicast or unicast.
    • Ensures outstanding audio quality with low delay, and cascade-resilient aptX Enhanced coding.
    • Redundant power supplies and hot-swappable cards for uninterrupted audio.
  4. Control:
    • Features NTP System Time for program time alignment across multiple decoder sites.
    • User-configurable alarms for audio, link, sync, and PSU.
    • Compliance with Tech 3326 standard protocols, supports SNMP, VLANs, and virtual IP interfaces.
    • Enhanced network security with firewall capabilities.
  5. Savings:
    • Scalable and modular system tailored to various requirements.
    • SureStream Technology for reliable delivery over cost-effective public IP connections.
    • Seamless migration from T1/E1 to IP networks without changing the frame.
    • Optional Dante Interface for direct Dante/AES67 network connection.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual Stream Redundancy:
    • Enhanced with SureStream technology for optimal reliability, ensuring zero dropouts, zero jitter, and the lowest latency. This technology maintains professional broadcast-grade audio quality over inexpensive IP links.
  • Versatile Application:
    • Suitable for Studio-Transmitter Links (STL), studio networking, remote broadcasting, and in-store music distribution.
    • Offers both stereo and multi-channel audio platforms.
  • Dante Compatibility:
    • The APT Dante Network Interface allows direct connection to Dante or AES67 networks, integrating the codec into in-house network ecosystems with near-zero latency and synchronization.
    • Acts as a gateway from local Dante domains to network destinations.
  • Advanced Communication Solutions:
    • Includes a Graphic User Interface compatible with ScriptEasy and KYBIO Media for advanced monitoring and control.
    • Comes with a 1-year free SaaS subscription for KYBIO cloud-based monitoring.

This codec is a robust and scalable solution for modern audio distribution needs, ensuring high-quality audio delivery with reliable and flexible network integration.