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Alice 504T

Lunchbox Mic Pre with limiter & transformers



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The Alice 504T Mic Pre with limiter & transformers is a high-quality microphone preamplifier designed to deliver warmth and a distinct sonic character. Here are the key features and technical specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Unique Mic Input Circuitry:
    • Utilizes unique circuitry with a transformer in the microphone input to capture the full warmth from professional microphones and impart a distinctive “fairy dust” sound.
  2. Overload Margins and Low Noise:
    • Maintains excellent overload margins for both microphone and line-level inputs.
    • Achieves extreme low noise performance.
  3. Shared Gain Across Four Stages:
    • Audio gain is shared across four low-noise amplifier stages to handle challenging sound sources.
  4. Classic Limiter Design:
    • Incorporates a classic Ted Fletcher-designed limiter from 1979, known for its admired sound.
    • Used by top artists and major studios for its unique limiter characteristics.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Mic Input:
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz, precision balanced +0, -1dB.
  2. Line Input:
    • Frequency Response: 10KHz.
  3. Relative Input Noise:
    • -128.6dB.
  4. Harmonic Distortion:
    • (@ 0dB output 1KHz) 2nd order: 0.005%, 3rd order: 0.03dB.
  5. Maximum Mic Gain:
    • 77dB.
  6. Maximum Input Level:
    • Approximately -10dBu.
  7. Maximum Output Level:
    • +22dBu.
  8. High Pass Filter:
    • 6dB/8ve, 3dB down at 75Hz.
  9. Limiter:
    • Soft knee with approximately 12:1 ratio.
  10. Switchable Features:
    • Switchable Phantom Power: In/Out.
    • Switchable Mic/Line: In/Out.
    • Switchable Limiter: In/Out.
  11. Manufacturing Origin:
    • 100% manufactured in the UK.

The Alice 504T Mic Pre with limiter & transformers is designed to offer a unique and warm sonic character, making it suitable for a variety of professional audio applications. With its shared gain structure, low noise, and the classic limiter design, it provides a distinctive and sought-after sound profile. The switchable features add versatility to adapt to different recording situations. As a product manufactured entirely in the UK, it reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship.