Aldena ACF0202217

Cross Polarized Antenna

Cross polarized dipole antenna available in treated aluminum or stainless steel.

SKU: 104914


Aluminum models: ACF0202217/16/15

Stainless Steel models: ACF0202237/36/35

The FM line from Aldena includes dipoles and panel antennas for different directional or omni-directional layouts, antennas for installation on square or triangular masts or towers. All types of antenna are available in horizontal, vertical, circular or elliptical polarization.
All FM dipole antennas from Aldena are made of stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel in order to guarantee longer-than-average durability, even in harsh climate conditions (such as high levels of pollution, air salinity or acid rain). All dipole antennas are able to be pressurized, which is a characteristic of the most complex antenna systems and it is often necessary to guarantee reliability.