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AEQ Systel IP

Talkshow System

The AEQ Systel IP broadcast telephone and multi-conference solution operates on VoIP phone lines. The system is based on a digital matrix designed to manage IP lines.

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AEQ Systel IP

Touchscreen IP Phone with embedded Systel IP Control Software

The AEQ SYSTEL IP is a “call-in” system with multi-conference capability that drastically reduces the costs for this type of communication. Further, it significantly improves the audio quality, increases the flexibility and integration with already existing telephone systems at the station.

SYSTEL IP allows connecting the broadcast telephone system to the current corporate PBXs, based on IP, avoiding maintaining conventional lines exclusive for broadcast.

SYSTEL IP allows for VoIP connection of 4-wire lines from intercom matrixes or audio consoles in order to establish multi-conference circuits or external coordination in radio or TV stations. Further, in a business environment, it allows for the interconnection of several meeting rooms as well as audio routing between building locations and for example simultaneous translation systems, even if these are remotely located.