AEQ Phoenix Stratos

Dual channel IP, ISDN, X21/V35

SKU: 111610


AEQ Phoenix Stratos

AEQ Phoenix STRATOS is a Dual channel rack mounted audio codec with IP, ISDN and X21/V35 connectivity. Comprehensive, redundant, easy to use and controllable – for your station or network communications! This Audio Codec is the solution for any broadcaster with the need for a versatile but yet straightforward and efficient Audio Codec.


  • Part of the AEQ Phoenix Audio Codec family.
  • Capacity to establish two independent stereo/dual connections or four mono channels to several destinations.
  • Fully independent dual channels for program, coordination or backup, each one with its respective returns.
  • Front panel user interface and control software.
  • Local or remote control of a single or a “pool” of units.
  • Remote monitoring: includes SNMP server that allows the user to monitor status, alarms, etc.
  • Multi- and Unicast capability.
  • Ancillary data channel, both in IP and ISDN.
  • 4 GPIs and GPOs.
  • Includes encoding algorithms in compliance with N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 recommendations, plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithms. AAC is optional.
  • Balanced analogue audio Inputs and Outputs on XLR connectors and AES/EBU digital I/O’s.


Two stereo, bidirectional audio codecs for communications over IP, ISDN and X21/V35 lines. Allows the sending of two independent stereo/dual or four mono signals to different receivers.
Unique advantages from design, such as fully independent dual channels for program and coordination or backup, each one with its respective returns, and advanced user interface.
Physical user interface in the front panel and control software running on a PC or set of PCs, that allows local or remote, control of a single unit or pool of units.
Compatible with most codecs from other manufacturers on IP and ISDN interfaces: Supports SIP and the most popular encoding algorithms and is 100% compliant with N/ACIP EBU Tech 3326 technical recommendations.
IP Advantages: Adaptive buffer to absorb network jitter. Automatic IP parameter configuration through DHCP. Automatic adjustment of the reference clock to synchronize both ends. FEC. It sends a same stream to multiple destinations with multiple-unicast.
Remote monitoring: includes an SNMP server that allows the user to monitor its status, alarms, etc. together with other pieces of equipment in the system, even from different manufacturers, by simply using any standard SNMP client.
AEQ SIP Server. AEQ SIP Server – To simplify IP connections, AEQ offers its own SIP server – and at no cost to you.

Ancillary data channel. Offers transport of embedded auxiliary data via ISDN or RTP stream over IP, in order to control equipment at the remote end.
GPI’s and GPO’s. It incorporates 4 general purpose inputs and outputs for signalling and control.
Includes encoding algorithms for any purpose. Includes the compulsory algorithms according to N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 technical recommendation plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithms. AAC algorithms can be supplied optionally.
Analogue and Digital Professional Audio. The unit includes two pairs of line level XLR balanced analogue inputs and outputs, and AES/EBU digital I/O’s.