AEQ Live 20

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The star product of this new family is the TX/RX wireless high-quality AEQ LIVE 20.

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AEQ Live 20

The AEQ LIVE 20TR reporting unit is a portable, battery-powered system for high quality, full-duplex audio transmission and reception. Its small size, lightweight and long-lasting battery make it especially apt for live reporting applications outside the studio. This unit is complemented by the AEQ LIVE 20 R diversity receiver and the AEQ LIVE 20 T return transmitter. The unit is composed of a 16-channel broadband transmitter and a 16-channel receiver operating within a spectrum assigned according to each country’s standards. The receiver and transmitter can be activated independently of each other. The transmitter is designed like a high-quality wireless microphone, whose transmitting power (up to 3 Watts) enables it to cover large areas. Technically, its design gives it excellent features for radio applications in terms of coverage, stability, spectral purity and resistance to interference. The audio section stands out because of its signal reproduction – fidelity in frequency and dynamics. The unit is powered by intelligent lithium-ion batteries. Its low power consumption guarantees reporters 4.5 hours of use at full power. It can be used under the most adverse environmental conditions with no danger whatsoever. The unit is delivered with a convenient leather bag that makes carrying it with a shoulder strap easy and comfortable.

The AEQ LIVE 20T talkback transmitter is specially designed to give return signals to reporters using the AEQ LIVE 20TR unit. Together with the AEQ LIVE 20R receiver, it forms a full-duplex base system. Another important application of the AEQ LIVE 20T is to provide talk-back / cue information using in-ear radio receivers, frequently used these days in all sorts of TV programs and video productions.

This is a true diversity receiver designed for outdoor use, generally for covering major events, and for on-the-scene reporting. Its advanced design ensures high quality, both in audio and resistance to interferences. Together with the AEQ LIVE 20 T, it provides the reporter with a full-duplex base station for working with the AEQ LIVE 20 TR portable unit.