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AEQ Atrium


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The AEQ ATRIUM is a state-of-the-art digital audio console designed specifically for on-air audio production in radio and television, featuring high-demand operational requirements and workflows. Introduced for the first time at IBC 2019, the ATRIUM boasts a range of advanced features and capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility:
    • ATRIUM can manage up to 1000 audio channels of local content or AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol) controllable through one or several control surfaces.
    • It supports up to more than 90 motorized faders with pages for snapshots or memories.
  2. User-Friendly Design:
    • The console is developed with user simplicity in mind, featuring a powerful set of touch screens, encoders, indicators, and keys.
    • Controls can be pre-configured and dynamically adapt their function to the context, ensuring a simple and safe operation.
  3. Advanced Technology Integration:
    • Takes advantage of AoIP systems, allowing signal inputs and outputs, as well as process or control elements, to be distributed in different equipment, even at physically distant locations.
    • Incorporates tools for redundancy, instant snapshot storage and recovery, convergence of physical and virtual control elements, automatic mixing and level adjustments, and more.
  4. Customizable Control Surfaces:
    • Each ATRIUM control surface and its individual controls can be customized for any operation.
    • Supports classic workflows and allows for flexible programming of keys to adapt the console to various operational scenarios.
  5. Configuration and Integration:
    • Simplifies configuration and integration within a system, extending connectivity to external events and remote production centers.
    • Enables the creation of a multi-channel audio network as extensive as the user application requires.
  6. General Specifications:
    • Supports multiple control surfaces, up to 6 per audio engine.
    • Modular engine and control surface design with hot-swappable modules.
    • 100mm motorized conductive plastic faders with capacitive touch sensors.
    • Internal sampling frequency of 48 KHz at 24 bits/sample with a 32-bit internal bus.
    • Time synchronization options based on various protocols (NTP, WORDCLOCK, AES 11, MADI, AEQ-multichannel, DANTE, RAVENNA).
  7. Reliability and Redundancy:
    • Automatic fail-over in case of DSP or controller card failure.
    • Redundant power supply for enhanced system reliability.
  8. Signal Processing Features:
    • AUTOMIX and AUTO-GAIN functionalities can be applied to any of the signals.
    • Flexible logical signal grouping for mono, stereo, and multi-channel signals.
  9. Monitoring Capabilities:
    • Independent control-room and studio monitor management for each control surface.
    • Primary and secondary headphone outputs for control-room and studio monitoring.
    • Physical output for control headphone in the control and monitoring module.
  10. Additional Features:
    • USB connection on the control surface.
    • Test tone generators with adjustable frequency and level, pink noise, and white noise.
    • Opto-coupled GPI and relay-based GPO with virtual GPIO transport between different equipment system devices.