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AEA Technology 6050-5000 Original price was: €1,785.Current price is: €1,700.
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AEA Technology VNA Site Analyzer

The AEA Technology 6050-5100 VNA Site Analyzer with VSWR, Return Loss and FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometer) measurements from 100KHz-1400MHz.

Original price was: €3,075.Current price is: €2,925.

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Original price was: €3,075.Current price is: €2,925.
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The AEA Technology VNA Site Analyzer model 6050-5100 encompasses two distinct models: the SWR Site Analyzer, providing VSWR, Return Loss, and FDR measurements, and the VNA Site Analyzer, equipped with a comprehensive Vector Network Analyzer suite featuring S11 and S21 ports, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, and FDR measurements.

Both models are designed with a full-color backlit display for excellent daylight readability, featuring 50 memory slots to store plots for convenient recall on the device or uploading to a PC using the Site Analyzer PC Vision™ software (included). These instruments operate continuously for up to 3 hours on Ni-MH batteries, offering ease of navigation through menus, customizable color settings, and measurement plot displays. The VNA Site Analyzer includes a convenient one-button revert option, transforming it into an SWR & Return Loss meter as desired, catering to users with varying levels of expertise.

PC communications are facilitated via the included USB-2 cable, and comprehensive technical support is provided, offering User Training PPT and toll-free assistance for the instrument’s lifetime.

Key Features:

For VNA Site Analyzer:

  • Simultaneous display of two separate plots with different scales.
  • User-selectable limit lines for At-a-Glance tuning in SWR/Return loss mode.
  • One-button Autotune capability to locate the antenna’s optimal frequency.
  • Large numeric display in CW mode for clear data evaluation.
  • Internal memory capacity to hold up to 50 plots and setups.
  • Quarter VGA backlit color display with a user-selectable color scheme.

For VNA Site Analyzer:

  • Spectrum Analyzer feature (available in VNA model only).
  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) functionality for cable testing.

Included Items:

  • VNA Site Analyzer, Terminators (short & 50 Ohm), pre-installed 8AA Ni-MH cells.
  • Belt Case with a removable shoulder strap, USB Cable, AC adapter, Quick Start Guide, Basic Guide, and CD containing Operating Manual, Training PPT, Site Analyzer PC Vision software, Application Notes, and backup literature copies.