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Advanced Accoustics Tegular 12″ Tile Pack

SKU: 113390



Advanced Accoustics Tegular 12″ Tile Pack

Studio Foam Tile Pack

  • Precision cut bevelled profile acoustic tiles
  • 305 mm x 305 mm by 55 mm thick
  • 12 tiles per box, covering 1.1sqm
  • NRC – 0.95
  • Always in stock, shipped uncompressed
  • Ideal for Mixing & Mastering Studios

Here we present our 12″ Tegular Acoustic Foam Tile, a versatile solution designed to enhance the acoustic performance of your studio. This simple, yet effective tile is perfect for mixing with other profiled tiles, such as the Wedge, Mini Wave, or Pyramid Acoustic Tile, to break up the repetitiveness of a clustered arrangement. By incorporating the odd 12″ Tegular Acoustic Tile, you can create captivating variations or a visually striking chequerboard effect. The possibilities are endless, whether used individually or in combination with other tiles.

Each box contains 12 individual acoustic foam tiles, measuring 305 mm (12″) by 305 mm (12″) and boasting a thickness of 55 mm. With a total coverage of 1.1sqm (12sqft), these tiles offer exceptional sound absorption capabilities, with an NRC of 0.95 to ensure a balanced rate of absorption across frequencies. The 12″ Tegular Acoustic Foam Tiles are available in your choice of Mid-Grey or Dark Grey, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your studio’s aesthetic. You can get to work right away installing these tiles as they will arrive completely uncompressed and ready for installation.

Discover the optimal amount of acoustic treatment for your studio by utilizing our convenient ‘Coverage Calculator‘ Tab.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of our 12″ Tegular Acoustic Tiles. By strategically installing small clusters of these tiles at first reflection points and other key areas in your room, you can significantly improve acoustic clarity and eliminate unwanted distortion. Layering the tiles can further enhance mid and lower frequency absorption, resulting in a precisely balanced acoustic environment and a professional look.

These acoustic studio foam tiles excel at controlling mid to high frequencies, effectively reducing echo and controlling reverberation. When combined with our other 12″ Studio Foam Tiles, such as the 12″ Mini Wave Acoustic Tiles, they offer even more design possibilities to create a unique and tailored acoustic space. We meticulously optimize the size, profile, foam cell structure, and foam density to deliver a product that offers both exceptional visual appeal and acoustic performance.

At Advanced Acoustics, durability is a top priority. We manufacture our foam to withstand the test of time without crumbling, turning to dust, or changing colour once mounted on walls or ceilings. We are committed to providing you with a product that helps you and your room reach their full potential.

Choose our 12″ Tegular Acoustic Studio Foam Tiles and experience the benefits:

  • Enhanced Acoustic Clarity: Enjoy improved sound imaging, reduced reflections, and minimized unwanted resonances, enabling you to make precise mixing decisions with confidence.
  • Design Versatility: The unique profile of the Tegular tile allows for creative installations that break up the monotony of traditional arrangements, adding visual interest to your studio.
  • Exceptional Durability: Our foam is engineered to be long-lasting, ensuring consistent acoustic performance and maintaining its appearance over time.

When it comes to acoustic treatment, trust Advanced Acoustics, a leading UK manufacturer dedicated to delivering product quality and outstanding customer service. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we have earned an excellent rating on Trustpilot.

Our 12″ Tegular Acoustic Tiles are suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-end professional studios, home studios, rehearsal rooms, home cinemas, dedicated listening rooms, and more. Wherever you seek superior sound control and optimal acoustics, our acoustic tiles provide the essential solution.

Take the first step in transforming your studio’s sound environment. Order your 12″ Tegular Acoustic Tiles today and let Advanced Acoustics be your trusted partner in creating an acoustically optimized studio. Benefit from our expertise, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service. Elevate your sound experience with Advanced Acoustics.


The Technical Details


Product Name Tegular 12″ Acoustic Tile Pack
Product Size 12″ x 12″ x 2 1/4” (305 mm x 305 mm x 55 mm)
Tiles Per Pack 12
Area Covered Per Pack 12sqft (1.11sqm)
Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.95
Sound Absorption Class B
Absorption at 250Hz 0.51
Absorption at 500Hz 1.10
Absorption at 1000Hz 1.12
Absorption at 2000Hz 1.09
Absorption at 4000Hz 1.15
Product Colour Mid-Grey or Dark Grey
Product Weight 2.2 kg
Fire Classification Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture (fire)(safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989)
Acoustic Foam Density 30 kg/m3