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Multi-standard Transmitters

The ABE MTX High Power series combines the extreme efficiency and reliability of the wideband LD-MOS amplifiers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

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The ABE MTX High Power Transmitters series of High Power TV Transmitters is the ultimate in technology, quality, and performance in the Broadcast industry; it is designed to take advantage of the excellence of the digital modulation systems to generate both Analog and Digital emissions (DVB-T2, DVB-T/H, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC and other standards).

The MTX Series brings together the highly efficient and reliable ABE LD-MOS broadband Power Amplifiers with state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Featuring modular construction – with easily removable modules/boards having RF internal isolation – the MTX series exploits the advantages of state of the art technological solutions to achieve high reliability and comprehensive system flexibility – all at a reduced size.

Maintenance, as well as channel changing operations, are simple and easy to perform. Careful product design brings high versatility, enhanced by the provision of specific options and giving compliance with major world digital and analogue terrestrial TV broadcasting standards.

The high-power amplifiers normally comprise more independent power amplifiers’ chassis, each with its own hot-swappable power supply modules. Power amplifiers are available both in AB class or Doherty broadband configurations, featuring very high efficiency.

Should a failure affect the output from one power amplifier chassis, the other ones will continue working at full power, transmission, therefore, continues at reduced power, but the emission remains “on-air”.

With the optional Dual-Drive configuration, an Automatic Changeover Unit immediately brings the stand-by Exciter into operation in case of low RF power from the working Exciter, ensuring transmission at full power.

Alternatively, it is possible to provide a complete automatic passive stand-by system that can operate in redundant configurations (1+1 or n+1).

Main Benefits

  • Open platform design to satisfy both todays and tomorrow’s needs
  • The ultimate in technology, quality, performance, and reliability
  • Low cost of ownership, low capital cost, running expenses & maintenance
  • Complete range of options and configurations to satisfy any need