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FM-MPX over IP Decoder

2-channel MPX decoder with integrated satellite tuner
Professional dual-channel FM-MPX (composite) over IP decoder with integrated satellite tuner

The MPX-2ds is an MPX decoder using IP-based network technologies for real-time distribution of complete FM-MPX ( FM composite signal) to connect your signal generation in the studio directly to the transmitter site via satellite or IP. Based on the know-how of the 2wcom FMC01, many satellite products of the 2wcom, and customer requirements, the MPX-2ds offers you a variety of features and opportunities to ease your daily work.

Flexible in application: The decoder is designed for broadcasters with professional requirements in signal quality, optimized for distribution over satellite to many receivers, and the time accurate playout on every single decoder. The MPX-2ds has always analogue and digital interfaces, and the bandwidth can be reduced by using µMPX Technology. Furthermore, the RDS signal of the MPX can be filtered off and replaced by a local RDS signal generated by the internal full-featured RDS encoder.

Easy Operation: The MPX-2ds saves the high-quality IP lines to every transmitter site by using satellite for the distribution. The sound processing (stereo generation) and RDS generation on the transmitter site is moving towards the studio /playout centre and this saves capex, service, and support.

Saving bandwidth: A full FM-MPX signal needs approx. 3.5 Mb IP data capacity. While, µMPX can operate on 320 Kb with only a low reduction of the quality.

Pay as you grow: All soft- and hardware components are individually combinable. Please ask for more details.

Transmission robustness: Analog Streaming and Pro-MPEG FEC ensure rock-solid IP transmission, or you go beyond with SRT (secure reliable transport). The optional two hot-pluggable power supplies guaranteeing fail-safe operation perfect the whole concept.


Smart management: Configuration set-up via an easy-to-use web interface for general settings as well as for backup or fallback. For remote control, the codec offers various possibilities – HTTP, FTP, Telnet, NMS, SNMP. Perfect synchronization can be achieved by PTPv2 and latency control.

FM MPX distribution

  • High-quality FM MPX decoding function
  • 2x Gigabit IP interface
  • Free configurable GPIO interface
  • RS232 interfaces are flexibly assignable to the services
  • Optional: µMPX decoder
  • Optional: Dual Streaming
  • Simultaneous transmission and reception of 2 IP streams and seamless exchange of IP packages in case of failure



  • High-end converter (ADC, DAC) for optimal quality
  • Optional: coder & decoder in the same equipment
  • Optional: fully integrated backup solution with automatic switch over in case of failure



  • Full online remote control of all parameters via IP
  • Configuration via web user interface for easy setup
  • Quick view status page for a fast overview
  • SNMP v2c, relays, inputs



  • 100% loss less audio encoding & decoding of MPX audio (mono, stereo) bands and RD(B)S band
  • Pro-MPEG FEC (Forward Error Correction) to reduce bit errors in data stream



  • Quality parameters via SNMP v2c and relay
  • FM demodulation with L+R XLR and headphone output
  • RDS monitoring and optional alarm control (PI, PS)


Sync FM

  • Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM single frequency networks (SFN)