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2wcom MPX-1g

FM-MPX Stereo/RDS Generator

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2wcom MPX-1g 

FM-MPX Stereo/RDS Generator

The MPX-1g RDS Edition by 2wcom is a specialized solution crafted for the creation of RDS/RBDS signals, offering comprehensive RDS encoding and generation capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Tailored to seamlessly integrate within both existing and new FM-RDS distribution chains, replacing 2wcom C02 and C04 RDS Encoders. It facilitates full-featured RDS signal generation for broadcasting purposes.
  • Dedicated Purpose: Engineered specifically as a pure RDS Generator, the package comprises essential software and hardware modules, including a single internal AC power supply, RDS Encoder module, and analog and digital interfaces for 19 kHz pilot and RDS output.
  • Customization Options: The MPX-1g FM-MPX offers flexibility beyond RDS functionality. It allows for the inclusion of various software and hardware modules to meet advanced requirements such as stereo encoding, Audio over IP backup, µMPX, and DAB/FM tuner for rebroadcasting.

Off-the-shelf Option Package:

The MPX-1g RDS Edition comes equipped with all necessary software and hardware components for a standalone RDS Generator, featuring:

  • Single internal AC power supply
  • RDS Encoder module
  • Analog and digital interfaces for 19 kHz pilot and RDS output

For expanded functionalities, the MPX-1g FM-MPX Generator offers a customizable solution, enabling flexible configuration through software and hardware modules.

RDS Encoder Module Specifications:

  • RDS Standards: UECP 7.05, CENELEC EN 50067, IEC 62106
  • Capacity for up to 16 available data sets
  • Scrolling PS to display messages of up to 160 characters
  • UECP via DTE (2x), IP ports (4x), or Ancillary Data (AoIP Decoder optional)
  • Compatibility with Arcos Config or ARCOS Network for RDS encoder fleet
  • Built-in RDS decoder for live view, enabling detailed analysis using RDSLab software

Smart Management and Monitoring:

The MPX-1g offers complete configurability via a web interface or remote access through SNMPv2. It provides real-time statistics and monitors RDS parameters, facilitating live on-air monitoring at transmitter sites through the built-in RDS decoder.

Additional Specifications:

  • FM MPX distribution and high-quality transmission via IP
  • High-end converter (ADC, DAC) for optimal audio quality
  • Full online remote control of all parameters via IP with web-based setup
  • Lossless audio encoding and decoding of MPX audio bands and RD(B)S band
  • Quality parameter monitoring via SNMP v2c and relay